The Life Saved by Spaying Might Be Your Own Dog’s

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Not only does spaying and neutering prevent the births (and often subsequent abuse and neglect) of unwanted puppies and kittens as well as cancers of the reproductive organs, it also prevents horrifying injuries like the one sustained by India, a pit bull whose guardian called PETA in a panic after she saw that the dog had a prolapsed vagina.


India’s guardian couldn’t afford to have her treated at a veterinarian’s office—PETA was her only chance. We rushed her to one of our mobile clinics, treated the prolapse, and performed emergency spay surgery—all free of charge. (Because pit bulls are among the most at-risk breeds, we always offer to spay and neuter them for free.) India’s guardian was so grateful for our vital services that she gave us what she could: a donation of $20.

India was just one of the 1,028 dogs and cats PETA’s mobile clinics spayed and neutered last month, including the following satisfied customers, who were among the 90 indigent clients for whom we provided free transportation to and from appointments:



Princess and Snickers




What makes PETA’s mobile clinics unique is the fact that we’ll never turn people away because they can’t afford the surgery or because they don’t have a car and can’t get to our clinic. Our fieldworkers will always pick up animals and transport them to their surgery appointments, free of charge, no matter how remote the location.

How much does this service mean to people? We’ll let our clients tell you themselves—here’s what some of them had to say:

“PETA is a blessing to my community. The mobile [clinic] comes to help us to make a pet stay healthy.”

—Elanzer B.

“I find everything PETA provides excellent. They love my cats as much as I do. I live on Social Security, and PETA helps me to afford health care for my cats.”

—Ruth F.

“PETA is amazing for helping the fur babies who need care—the ones who have families, but most importantly, speaking and caring for the ones who don’t.”

—Susan C.

What You Can Do

PETA’s mobile clinics focus on serving people who can’t afford to see a traditional vet, so we often provide our services at a drastically reduced fee or for free, which means that we operate at a loss. If you would like to support this lifesaving service, click here.

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