5 Things You Can Do to Help Shut Down SeaWorld

Public opinion of SeaWorld continues to shift in favor of the orcas and other dolphins who have been waiting for years—and sometimes decades—to be freed from the small chemically treated tanks at inhumane marine-mammal parks.  As we reach a crucial tipping point in this effort, we want to remind you about the simple and effective ways that you can help empty the tanks of this abusement park:

1. Watch Blackfish With Your Friends!

Those who haven’t seen Blackfish can’t get nearly as riled up about this issue as those who have seen it. Now, it’s more important than ever to keep the momentum going by getting your friends stoked, too! This award-winning documentary is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

2. Let SeaWorld Know How You Feel

Faced with plunging stock prices, soured public relations as a result of Blackfish, and impending state and federal legislation, SeaWorld was forced to stop breeding orcas—but this does nothing for the other dolphins and whales who are still being forcibly impregnated to create generation after generation of animals suffering in cramped tanks. You can tell SeaWorld that you don’t approve of its cruel treatment of some of the most intelligent animals on the planet and urge the abusement park to release the animals to seaside sanctuaries. Simply fill out PETA’s action alert.

3. Spread the Word to Everyone You Know—Right Now

Use social media to inspire your friends and family to avoid SeaWorld! The more people who take action, the sooner these animals can be released into a setting that’s more suited to their needs. We can change their futures, so start typing!

4. Take to the Streets!

Be a hero for orcas and dolphins by joining PETA’s Action Team to find out about demonstrations in your area. If you live in San Diego, California; San Antonio, Texas; or Orlando, Florida, you can even organize a demonstration yourself outside a SeaWorld facility near you! The orcas at these parks live in tanks that, to them, amount to a bathtub compared to the wide-open oceans where they would have swum up to 140 miles a day, so get moving on that protest! Here’s a factsheet that will teach you how to put a demonstration together in no time.

5. Rock a ‘SeaWorld Kills’ or ‘SeaWorld Sucks’ Tee

More than 40 orcas have died at SeaWorld—many far short of their natural life expectancy—from causes such as bacterial infections and fractured skulls. More than 300 other dolphins and whales, approximately 400 pinnipeds, and countless other animals have also died at the parks. By wearing our “SeaWorld Kills” T-shirt or our new tie-dye “SeaWorld Sucks” T-shirt, you’ll be spreading the message that SeaWorld is awful for orcas, other dolphins, and whales and supporting the work that we do in behalf of these beautiful, majestic animals.

Thank you for all that you do for animals! To keep up to date on the SeaWorld campaign and events related to it, visit SeaWorldOfHurt.com.

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