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12 Bodybuilders Totally Destroying the Vegan Stereotype

Sculpted muscles, unfathomable strength, and compassionate hearts? These award-winning “plant-built” bodybuilders have all that and more.

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Talk Like a Vegan Pirate

Avast, ye compassionate freebooters! Learn to flap yer jaws like a vegan pirate for the holiest of days: “Talk Like a Pirate” Day!

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Chicken © Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Chicken

Quite simply, chickens are the most abused animals on the planet. These are our top 10 reasons to keep them off your plate.

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Eight Things You Can Do Today to Help Animals

It’s people like you and me, unknown and uncelebrated, who, time after time, bring about the societal change we all want to see.

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A Taste of the PETA Pack Team!

Take a look at their stories, visit their fundraising pages, and leave a message (or even a donation) to show your support!

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The Vegan Bucket List

Check out our list of can’t-miss activities, foods, and experiences that every vegan must try in his or her lifetime.

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Confessions of a Lean, Mean, Vegan Cheerleading Machine

You need to be fit and healthy for any sport, which is no problem for vegans! Read the story of a vegan cheer coach from Germany to see for …

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Life as a PETA Campaigner

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work for the largest animal rights organization in the world? Here’s your chance to find out!

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Devoted Daddies

Humans aren’t the only ones thankful for their dads. Animal babies from seahorses to penguins have their feathered and furry fathers to care for them!

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Sexy Veg Winners Bare It All

Kate and Jason have been named the Sexiest Vegetarians Next Door for 2011!

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