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Animal-Free Entertainment

Air Travel With Your Animal Companion

Though flying might seem to be the fastest and least stressful way to go, it can be the opposite if your animals are forced to fly in the cargo …

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Traveling With Companion Animals

It’s important to be prepared to assist an animal in need when we travel— being away from home doesn’t take away your power to prevent suffering.

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Animal-Friendly Outdoor Fun ©

Animal-Friendly Outdoor Fun

The possibilities for animal-friendly outdoor fun are limited only by your creativity! We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites here.

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Animal-Free Circuses ©

Animal-Free Circuses

Animal-free circuses have all the thrills, chills, and fun that you expect from the big top—but none of the cruelty to animals.

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Hitting the Road With Rover

Tips for traveling with animals.

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PETA’s Top Five Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Creative ways to spend your tax refund and help animals.

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Animal-Free Entertainment 101

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