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Animal-Free Entertainment

How to Eat Vegan at Sports Stadiums Across the Nation

It’s not just veggie burgers and vegan hot dogs anymore.

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New Book Tells the Story of an Adopted ‘Mini’ Pig Who Grew to 600 Pounds of Pure Love

A new book recounts a couple’s evolution from being meat-eaters (who happened to have a pig as a companion animal) to becoming animal activists.

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‘Finding Dory’: Why Blue Tangs (and All Other Fish) Don’t Belong in Tanks

Finding Dory is fiction, but the grim life and death of an aquarium fish isn’t.

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First-Ever Vegan Lifestyle Show Coming to a TV Near You

We can’t wait to kick back and literally “veg out” to the new vegan lifestyle show.

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Your Guide to Vegan Road Tripping

These tips for being vegan on the road will make your trip easy-breezy.

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Vegan Magic Is Real at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Here’s how to eat vegan in Harry Potter’s world.

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No Need to Rock the Boat: Many Cruises Offer Vegan Options

Feel like cruising? There’s no need to say “adieu” to tasty vegan foods on these vegan-friendly cruise lines.

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Take a Trip: How to Be Vegan Around the World

You have to read this before traveling.

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How Not to Be a Jerk to Animals When You Travel ©

How Not to Be a Jerk to Animals When You Travel

If you’re thinking about swimming with dolphins or riding elephants on your next getaway, read this first.

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WATCH NOW: A ‘Blackfish’ for Belugas

Filmmaker calls out Vancouver Aquarium for beluga breeding debacle.

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