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8 Reasons Why Animal Testing Doesn’t Help Humans

Right now, millions of animals are imprisoned in laboratories, where they are experimented on and live in constant pain as well as fear of when the next horrible procedure will occur.  In addition to being cruel, these experiments are irrelevant to humans. The following esteemed scientists, government officials, and doctors explain exactly why:
Animal Research Quotes

Animal Research Quotes

Animal Research Quotes

Animal Research Quotes

Animal Research Quotes

Animal Research Quotes

Animal Research Quotes

Animal Research Quotes

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  • Lindsay says:

    Seriously, this is disgusting. I can’t believe there is still animal testing going on. So horrific.

  • Musicislife says:

    This is absolutely horrifying. Why I don’t understand, is that how did someone even come up with testing things on animals, if only humans will use it? It’s completely irrelevant! They should be using human DNA, not the innocents animals!

  • ANITA says:


  • Michelle says:

    I’ve always said, if they wanted to cure any disease in humans, they should change our DNA to mouse DNA. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and for years I have read about positive results for a cure in mice and yet here we are – still no cure. In this day and age it baffles me why they persist in using animals for studies that obviously have no benefit to the human race whatsoever. Enough is enough, animals are suffering for no reason at all.

  • Elena says:

    How do we stop them?!

  • Judy Cook says:

    We all must band together and stop buying products tested on animals. I always check products and only purchase those that do not test on animals.

  • Christine Taulbee says:

    This is disgusting and has been ever since,why do they use innocent animals in the first place??? These animals can’t comment on how they feel being injected with any substance,use humans like the ones on death row to experiment on!!!!! An animal is an animal and their reactions are way different than that of a human,all this got to stop!!!!

  • Adair Leonard says:

    Animal experimental testing is simply heartbreaking. I don’t understand how anybody with compassion for animals can do this. When are they going to learn that it isn’t working to discern health problems for humans. Please stop putting healthy, innocent animals through the incredible torture of these experiments.

  • gdtaber says:

    It’s long been established that testing things on animals doesn’t necessarily translate to success with humans. Besides, we now have human simulators that do an excellent job as far as testing whether or not things will work on humans. So please, save the animals and use human simulators!!

  • Pascale Prudhomme says:

    Il faut que cette souffrance s’arrête, les animaux ne sont pas des cobayes.

  • Pim Zond says:

    Money is the only motivator now. We should not only boycott drugs tested on animals but seriously look at the use of all drugs made by publicly traded companies, whose only goal is to see profit for their share holders, AND it’s virtually impossible to sue them now. They could only understand a boycott. Unfortunately that would probably send the “research” overseas, and not wholly solve the problem. But even a modest improvement is better than standing by idle.

  • Carolyn Jenkins says:

    It is insane and ignorance that keep these people still testing on animals. This has been done for years, why is it necessary to continue to do these cruel experiments – except for money. Use tests that have been done by other companies – STOP REPEATING THE WASTE OF MONEY AND ESPECIALLY THE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. If it wasn’t done with sufficient information and results last time, it was obviously done by incompetent people and an insensitive and money greedy firm!!! I buy only cosmetics promising they have not tested on animals and I hope the rest of the world will become aware of how utterly stupid testing on animals is.

  • Haddessah Devereaix says:

    This cruelty to animals is a disgrace!!!! I wish the same thing would be done to those who are inflicting this torture to animals. The medical field and cosmetic industry should be ashamed of themselves….will spread the word about this greedy and senseless use of our animals

  • AnimalLover says:

    Eddy Loomans is right. Animal testing is a big money maker. So is keeping people sick. I have no doubt there are already cures for many of the diseases out there but they’ll never come to light. They’d lose billions of dollars.

  • Maria Espinoza says:

    This just breaks my heart. How can one be happy in life knowing gods gift to us are in pain daily. When will they stop this pain in animals?

  • Jean McNamara says:

    This must be a lucrative business, or it wouldn’t be happening the way it is. Horrific!

  • Vanessa-C says:

    @Brigitte: Check out 🙂

  • Brigitte says:

    This is horrible. And they just won’t stop.

  • mitch says:

    Do you have any org,like this in the philippines,,,

  • EDDY LOOMANS says:

    Let’s be honest and frank. Curing diseases is no longer the priority. Making money is. Animal testing is a BIG business and unless “consumers” start boycotting drugs that are tested on animals nothing will change……

  • Monica Valencio says:


  • Maui Morales says:

    This is just too inhumane. These animals DO NOT DESERVE TO BE ABUSED. AT ALL.

  • Fiona Collyer says:

    Stop testing on animals when you know it will not help humans, this is unnecessary and has been for years a waste of animals life’s.

  • Terri Purcell says:

    Absolutely discraceful and uneccessary. Sickening, sickening, sickening. I’m just sick!!!!!

  • L. Aruna Dhir says:

    The day humans begin being more compassionate, respectful and accommodating of everything else that co-exists with us in the Universe, our species will realize that we have less to pay back and will get to enjoy a healthier, happier existence. It is not just my personal belief. Several religious teachings are strewn with such forecasts.

  • Stanka says:

    :-(((( es muss ein nde nehmen so arme Tiere quälen !!!

  • Christian Zup says:

    einfach nur abartig…warum tut die politik nichts dagegen?

  • Pamela says:

    We need to stop this animal cruelty. There is too much of it in the world. There have to be new laws.

  • Erin Faiferlick says:

    Please stop cruel and unnecessary testing on animals.

  • kerrie hirst says:

    Sick to the stomach..if what you are doing is legal and useful, put it on the front of every national paper instead of hiding behind closed doors and secure units . Let everyone know how you make these remarkable results and at what cost. I SERIOUSLY wonder about your psychological state!!!

  • ROUSSELLE says:


  • di says:

    there are cures out there and you do not know of them.. stop this on animals now and forever. sickening and wrong.. not needed.

  • Saskia Van Eesbeek says:

    Stop testing on animals!This is cruel and not nessasary!

  • Alexandra Frey says:

    Please stop the experiments

  • Bodil Aikas says:

    No words can’t excuse this cruelness

  • Kelly says:

    May all beings be freed from all torture!!!

  • Charlotte Holm Larsen says:

    Animal testing is a disgrass on human kind! This is so not okey, for so many reasons, anf it makes me crumble with so much guilt and shame, that I just can’t have it. Please make this stop – in all forms and in all matters. Product or method testing have to be done i some other way – and all this dirty business should have been changed yaers ago!
    If we can’t make it without animaltesting, we just can’t have or make it. Period!

  • eve says:

    this makes me beyond angry how dare they do such desgusting things,
    I hate how humans think we rule over all at the end of the day we are all sharing this planet together and we are not the hirake , what (for lack of a better word) WANKERS

  • mirela ermenkova says:

    stop this

  • maria del pilar iguiniz says:

    As I allways said, who in this world think that what is good for a mice or a rabbit or a monkey is good for me or you or your familiy

  • Kat Ferguson says:

    Sounds like common sense to me. We, as a people, are barbarians.