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The Duck and Goose Meat Industry

Ducks and geese are raised and killed by the millions on well-hidden factory farms in order to make expensive “delicacies” for wealthy diners. Foie gras, duck meat, and goose meat bring maximum profits to the industry and maximum suffering to the tortured birds.

More than 31 million ducks are killed each year for their flesh. Animals who are meant to swim, play, and forage are deprived of all these natural behaviors when they are crammed by the thousands into dark sheds with only wire, dirt, and feces to stand on. They have only a trickle of water for drinking, so the ducks can’t clean themselves, and disease and filth spread quickly.

Because of the stressful conditions and unbearably close quarters, many ducks and geese neurotically pull out their feathers or peck at one another. To prevent this, factory farm workers cut off the birds’ sensitive upper beaks—without any painkillers. Many geese die from infection or starvation after this traumatic mutilation.

Ducks and geese on factory farms are bred to be so heavy that their legs often become deformed and crippled. They can never migrate, mate naturally, build nests, or raise their young. In fact, many ducks and geese raised for food won’t see the sun or breathe fresh air until the day they are sent to slaughter.

When they have grown large enough, these ducks and geese are thrown into crates and transported on trucks for many miles through all weather extremes to the slaughterhouse. Those who survive this journey struggle and cry out as they are hung upside-down and as their throats are cut. Some birds are still fully conscious when they are dunked into the scalding-hot water of defeathering tanks.

You can help put an end to this cruelty. Take PETA’s Pledge to Be Vegan for 30 Days and try a vegan diet for a month. We’ll send you all the information and tasty recipes that you’ll need.