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PETA’s Vanguard Society is a special group of committed PETA donors who are at the forefront of many of our groundbreaking successes for animals.

The compassion and generosity of Vanguard Society members are a vital part of what makes PETA the world’s leading advocate for the right of all animals to live free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


Join the Vanguard Society

Join a special group of donors at the leading edge of PETA’s vital work to end the suffering, abuse, and neglect of animals by becoming a member of PETA’s …

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Renew Your Vanguard Society Support ©

Renew Your Vanguard Society Support

Your generous donation will strengthen our lifesaving work for all animals on factory farms, in circuses, in laboratories, in backyards, and wherever else mistreatment occurs.

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Who Was Vanguard?

The namesake of the Vanguard Society was a rescued dog who was to be used in a fatal and painful deep-sea diving-chamber experiment by the U.S. Naval Research Center …

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