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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Vegan Marshmallow Peepers

Written by PETA | March 17, 2010

Vegan marshmallow peepers! That’s right, the sugary (but pig skin–laden) treats have taken the vegan leap thanks to Sweet and Sara’s Easter Chick & Bunny. They are the cruelty-free, must-have edible couple of the season:




Want to call these confectionary cuties yours? Just tell us what excites you most about the upcoming arrival of spring—from extra-long walks with your animal companions to Easter-inspired month-long candy binges. We’re giving a bag of these peepers to the reader with the vision that most makes us crave March’s out-like-a-lamb end.

Enter by sharing your springtime hopes in the comments section. The contest ends on March 24, 2010, and we’ll pick the winner on March 26, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Good luck!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Jessica says:

    My favorite part about easter is TWO things. My family has 2 traditions. One is with me and my sister Where we make these vegan cookies that we bring to the bake sale at our highschool and they’re a hit! D Second is with my om and younger sister And it’s a scavenger hunt around the house. D Those will be my favorite things about easter! D And of course a petition at the local park for circus cruelty awarement My friend and I are organizing! D Happy Easter! D

  • Alison says:

    I am super excited about cultivating my first vegetable garden ever! Of course it will be organic. I am putting it outside my large fenced in yard because my dogs LOVE fruits and vegetables the only human food they get and if they had access I would never get to enjoy the produce! I plan on sharing with them though. I’ve been planning and reading everything I can… I can’t WAIT for spring!

  • S. McIntyre says:

    The best thing this spring is moving away from a neighbor that smokes and uses raid and other highly dangerous chemicals that come up from the cracks in the floor and holes in things… I have severe asthma and nasal polyps I was fine until this guy quit going to work… so he sits in the place under me smoking all day long one after another and it all comes up here. It’s cost my health to the point that I can’t work!!! so moving in 2 weeks will be the great. I get to live in a place where I can choose not to poison myself!! and the landlord there isn’t constantly trying to kill animals and paint everything and spray insulation! YAY!!!

  • Senaida Tapia says:

    My springtime hope is that I can take my kids out for walks along the river and its gymnastics time……hooray

  • Christa says:

    The smell of the air is what I love most about spring! I love going out into the field and listening to all the sounds of spring

  • Steven Jones says:

    havent eaten marshmallows for many years since I became aware of the hidden animal products in them been a vegeterian for 19 yrs. now an proud of it I love springtime because I have chickensgame birds to make my little place more like a farm0 an right now I have a mother hen with seven new chicks which are very different in color an wouldnt think of eating one of them Im a big fan of animals have 5 rescue dogs an 3 rescue cats. wish I could take care of more but I cant solve the animal problem we have in the world the Korean people believe in torturing thier animals before they kill them them believe the adrenalin in the tortured animal makes the meat more tender been a farm boy most of my life. I LOVE ANIMALS

  • nicole licklider says:

    Spring is the absolute BEST!!! I am looking most forward to watching my 11 month old enjoy her first Easter!!! We have a basket already planned out!!! I just purchased her first Angel Bunny a little stuffed bunny with wings…you know…because they’re little angels!!! Her basket will be full of cardboard books back teeth toothers and yummy fruit!!! We cannot wait!!!! I’m also excited to see her run around in all of her spaghetti strap tops and little shorts!!! She’ll be taking her first steps this Spring!!! How VERY EXCITING!!!RunningWalking Very Slow Unsteady and Barefoot in the Park!!! Actually that reminds me Spring marks the beginning of Shakespere in the Park!!! It will be her first time enjoying Shakespere ever!!! Performed live in the park!!! The whole family gets to go!!! Including the furry family!!!Today my babies with fur and four legs actually stayed outside all day!!! I couldn’t get them to come inside until nine o’clock at night!!! They were too busy bark bark bark barking at all the squirells and birds!!! Not to mention all their neighbors with fur and four legs who were outside bark bark bark barking!!! Iwe cannot wait to load up the stroller with all the goodies including poop bags for the furry ones because we’re responsible doggies and pick up after ourselves… DogPark!!! WhoooHooo!!! Barking and Peeing!!! Peeing and Barking!!! It’s so great just to watch from the bench!!! This year the baby gets to see her brother and sister play frisbee with Daddy at the DogPark!!! They really enjoy their “me time.” But is it really “me time” when there’s about 10 other furry friends sniffing your tushy and stealing your frisbee??? I cannot wait to plant the summer garden!!! Especially now that I have a little helper!!! She’s already enjoying playing in the dirttest eating the dirt while she helps me start the Spring seeds!!! Squash tomatoes green red yellow and orange peppers banana peppers sweet potatoes cucumbers spinach and lettuce!!! Not to mention my herb garden!!! Ooooo…Just thinking of salads straight from the garden!!! Mmmmmm…Red Wine and Olive Oil dressing!!! WhooHoo!!! Bring On The Spring!!!

  • elizabeth says:

    i am exited for spring because my favorite park in my hometown is open and theres no snow. me and my friends go and sit next to the waterfalls. and i can start walking my families dogs get some sunshine and enjoy the nice weather

  • brian duprey says:

    watching the great sparrow makeover from my brooklyn window. all winter they are little brown globes with orange beaks. when they start shedding their winter extra and reveal their runway figures i know spring is here!

  • Kimberly says:

    Spring time has been a long awaited season for both myself and my two dogs. We have all had cabin fever after a long cold winter. The first sign of early spring I ventured out with my two dogs for a stroll around the neighborhood. Springtime for me means a new beginning to life as represented by the blooming flowers and life that is brought about outside by the warm weather. Spring time allows myself and my dogs to live a healthy and happy life!

  • Alexis says:

    I went vegan a while back in hopes of getting a better body image and helping animals. This is gonna be my first vegan springD I mad a list of vegan things I wanna find in my basket this year I hope i get all the good stuff Anyways I want to get more dedicated to my health and I want to put forth more effort in helping animals.

  • MJ Barber says:

    Spring! More sunshine longer days new beginnings and my hope is for health and happiness for my friends and family!

  • adara bauman says:

    I smell the flowers Taste the air Hear the birds whisling through the atmosphere. My hopes and dreams endless Unbound by constrants. Peace is my wish Personal peace is all any of us can hope to acheive.

  • Kirsten CUllen says:

    I’m just plain excited that vegan marshmallows do exist! This is my first time seeing them! D Ever since I went veg over a year ago I haven’t had a single marshmallow and they have been the hardest thing to give up. With these I’m now excited to roast vegan marshmallows around the fire just like old times in a cruelty free way! Could anyone tell me where I could purchase these at because I would really love to try some! D

  • Arthur-Pawz says:

    I’m looking forward to hugging lots of new animals I haven’t met yet . Well thats a yearly thing spring involves a lot of fainting at the sight of new lambkins in particular. I do wish I could just buy them all. I’ll be able to renew my annual sauvezcentanimauxbynoteatingthem count as the new seasonal year is in which always makes me happy. I’ll soon find out more about my animal “management” dislike that word course with open days and an interview which is seriously exciting! Also I can finally escape London to the serene green of Wales for a couple of weeks and enjoy fantastic home grown fruit and veg!

  • Jennifer says:

    I love being able to let my chickens ducks guinea hens and dogs outside more often! And joining them! They absolutely love roaming freely around the yard and taking breaks to sunbathe. I also love watching my flowers bloom and beginning to plant seeds in my garden! I’d love to try these vegan marshmallows! I haven’t had a marshmallow in years and seriously miss them.

  • inkedbarbie says:

    Ah Spring is here! I do not care what the calander says. Two days ago the sun came bursting out from behind the clouds like it had finally been given permissiom to glow in all its warmth and glory. I opened all the windows in the house because there is nothing like to breeze from the begining of spring. I love spring because EVERYTHING comes to life. fall and winter everything dies off. Summer everything continues to grow but Spring…Spring inspires all the baldes of grass to come out from the wet earth. Isn’t if funny how one week there can be over 2 feet of smow on the ground I’m east cast and just a few weeks later tulips are starting to emurge! Birds are starting to chirp and build a fresh home on the side of my atticSo every morning I am awoken by what would normally bther most. The beautiful sounds of baby birds chirping outside my window. It is not just plants and trees that come to life in Spring. Tis the season of babies. Babies of all kinds. Baby birdsbunnies deers and my favorite baby calfs. Who could not love a season that is single handedly responsible for bringing everything back to life? As to what I look forward to the most this spring…I would have to say I look forward to growing my own veggies in the backyard. I look forward to rides in the car with all my dogs. I look forward to “Bark in the Park’ which is a anual dog event in my area where donations are made for the ASPCA and many loving dogs and cats find new homes. Everyone is envited to bring their dog for olympic style events. Unfortunitely Veal farmers and beef farmers also look forwrd to spring as well. I save around 1520 veal calfs from live stock auctions every year. I love bottle feeding them since they are all removed from their mothers with hours of birth. After about a month…I find them a forever home! I would also like to note that my dogs CainChloeBosco Bruiser love spring as well. Cain my English mastiff simply refuses to come inside. He lays in the grass to soak up the sun. He is not fool he knows that D3 is just to yummy

  • Sarah S. says:

    I am very very excited about spring for hundreds of reasons but I will list only the three most important ones. First of all I can finally go on trail rides with my horse Jazz. I’ve only had him since December but can’t wait to explore our local parks together! Next the winter is not a good time for walking my three dogs and they are very happy to be getting out more now. And since they’re happy I’m happy. And last but not least FRESH VEGETABLES from the farmer’s market. I especially can’t wait for sugar snap peas!

  • Adrian Mendoza says:

    My hopes just include looking forward to finishing high school spending the last days I have with my family until I go off to college. d Oh and lots and lots of free spirit and food!

  • Sara Watson says:

    Spring brings many good things. Easter my birthday sunshine longer days. Can’t wait to start my garden and travel. I will finally get to meet my baby niece and go on my honeymoon among other things.