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Plot to Murder Fur Hag Anna Wintour

Written by PETA | May 18, 2007

Of course, the lawyers upstairs would like me to mention that I don’t condone the pie thing. In fact, I have no opinion of it all, I’m just reporting that it happened. There, happy Paula?

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  • anna rox says:

    i am vegan but i think what you done to anna is fucking wrong many people bacilcly worship her like a god and if you take a look down at what your wearing it is somehow traced back to her but insted of throwing pies and stuff at people that have many people careers in there hands and not to also mention a huge porporatan on fashion and what goes in to shop all around us why dont you go to the slaughter house and no inescent beautiful graceful people like anna LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    Oh puhlease. You can’t convince me that I don’t deserve every goddamn thing I get whether it comes from animal vegetable or mineral. I’m a human ergo I am a parasite. Fuck you if you disagree with me you don’t even EXIST dammit. The whole universe is an invention of my own mind and I’ll do what I damn well like. I spend about 34 of my $100 000 yearly salary on furs fakes for my wife the real thing for my mistress. It’s NOT WRONG! I pay for the privilege and if those who CAUSE the suffering don’t pay in guilt they can burn in hell but I’ve got NOTHING to feel guilty about!

  • Sylvia says:

    The antifur activist should have tossed a bloody fur coat at the woman. Clearly people like Anna will never comprehend or see the light of reason of an animals suffering cos they have been like this their whole lives.The life of another creature means nothing to them.

  • Angel says:

    Steve I really wish you would see that in all your pleasurable pursuits an animal was abused or had to lose its life which is unfair and disturbing. Anyway goodluck to you! though my and a whole lot of other animal lovers impression of people who wear animal skins and like to visit circuses to see poor animals being tormented to stand on their heads will always remain the same. Angel

  • steve says:

    angel…. you know what.. i wear leather i eat animal products i play sports which uses animal products i’ve been to the circus and i’m certainly going to use medical advances that was tested on animals if it will save me or my family’s life.. i have a great 12 year old lab and a wonderful family… i am not sick demonic and especially heartless…

  • Angel says:

    People who wear fur and the ones who make a business out of it are so sick and demonic that they are projecting what they actually are on the inside hardhearted and uncaring! Angel

  • Maya says:

    Giselle Yes I know my word choice was poor. What I meant was although Peter a man who is mentally ill was being “quoted” it was clear that PETA was revelling in the death threats and harassment of the said “Skank”. When all these years PETA has hinted that they don’t mind one bit if fur wearers are harrassed assaulted and even had their lives threatened. Why don’t they just come out and say these things themselves? Call the woman a skank outright and tell your readers to assault people with pig’s blood and food. If you’ve gone this far just go all the way. That’s the long explaination.

  • Giselle says:

    Umm Maya slow down there. The word “skank” is in quotes because it is referring to the newspaper story linked in the blog entry. The wannabe serial killer guy called her a skank in the first paragraph of the article . . . “Fire fiend Peter Braunstein planned to murder Vogue editrix Anna Wintour deriding the fashion icon as an egotistical “skank” who never returned his phone calls.”

  • Caroline says:

    People like Anna are only too aware of the endless brutality animals face in the sickfur industry. Yet they don’t have any conscience. One should make money with class and respect not by sadastically torturing some poor hapless beast and selling its skin. How come this fur business is even considered to be legal in the first place!!! Its the perfect ethical issue. Caroline

  • Serinity says:

    Peta hates women? sigh you know the president of PETA is a woman right? And that PETA is happy to give any number of praises to women who are kind to animals such Pamela Anderson P!nk Joan Jett Victoria Beckham the ALF girl “valerie” from Free The Animals ect. As for the use of “skank” honsetly anyone who wears or promotes fur DESERVES to be called any number of notsonice names. PETA WON’T call someone as skank for accually being a socalled “skank”…anyone who’s nice to animals is good with them. But yes the truth is that Anna Wintour J.Lo Beyonce and all the rest DESERVE to be called skanks whores fur hoes and assholes untill the day they stop puching pelts.

  • Maya says:

    Kelly hysterical. Not that it’s any of your business but I’m not middle class. My income and lifestyle falls around the poverty line. And I certainly never said women are weak. I said that the word skank is offensive. Do we have to think of African Americans as weak if they find the N word offensive? PETA can’t you find it in your heart to forgive people? To speak kindly? I wish I could ditch you and find another animal rights group that is more Buddhistlike but there is no other group who cares so deeply about lobsters and crabs. Many other animal rights groups laugh when I want snails and spiders to be treated humanely. But PETA does not. That tells me that deep down this is an organization that COULD forgive and lead a campaign worthy of their talents. I won’t bring this issue up again. But I’ve been a PETA fan for 19 years. I hope you guys reinvent yourselves.

  • cappuccino says:

    fur wearing people who are educated about the awful practices of animal killing should not just be called ‘skank’ ‘slut’ and so on because it’s not enough serious and this makes certain people again turn against peta they should be called what they are criminals like their butchers! and in this way animal fighters shall be respected exactly like the case of the word ‘holocaust on the plate’ where Peta got the right to call it what it is holocaust!

  • pcb says:

    I think personally Anna Wintour needs to realise that wearing fur sends a strong negative message to people that’s it’s okay to wear fur regardless of the needless sadism on animals involved. I think if certain people are unwilling to adopt more humane changes because of their stubborness or vainty then I believe more needs to be done at the source of these problems furfarms “May all that have life be delivered from Suffering” Buddha

  • Mike says:

    People are welcome to throw pie at me. Please make it of the key lime variety. Aim for my plate. httpwww.recipezaar.com95561

  • Saatcy Pfeifer says:

    No I agree don’t use derogatory words towards women or men. But I completely agree That fur SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!only Fucking assholes wear fur!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    “Human beings?Those are the wild beasts who pretend to be so tame ” said the fox….. Judith The Buddhist

  • Maya says:

    You’ve got a point Mike. I have to wonder though what tossing food on someone really accomplishes. Let’s live in reality.

  • Mike says:

    You seem to do a pretty good job spewing yourself Maya. And “why don’t you grow some balls” is a sexist comment. People shouldn’t let insults real or imagined bother them anyway. There’s more important work to do.

  • Maya says:

    ps I didn’t mean to yell I just think that repeating sexist words is unnecessary you don’t have the excuse of being schizophrenic. Do y’all really want to align yourselves with some poor sick man who threatened her life? Don’t the animals deserve a more stable advocate? By the way one of the members of my family has schizophrenia. Before he became sick he was the most gentle soul on earth and would never threaten someone’s life. It’s the disease talking.

  • kelly says:

    I’m a woman. Go for it! Let’s call a SKANK a SKANK. Maya when we sit in our nice middleclass homes pretending to be nice and pretending that women are weak spineless victims who can’t handle strong words the animals lose.

  • windwalker says:

    my reaction is very simple there are people who are sensitive concerning animal abuse and there are people who are not sensitive offending animal haters should be ignored in future that time we really shall see who is offensive because if we answer with the same aggression the case is clear we are the agressor always the buck is passed to us everything clear!

  • Maureen E. Roth says:

    Hey Maya you really don’t get it do you! The people who are called names are men or women participating directly or indirectly to inflict extreme cruelty to helpless living beings who feel PAIN! Being called a name is nothing compared to that.

  • Maya says:

    Why don’t you grow some balls and take the word SKANK out of quotation marks? We all know that PETA is misogynous and hates women. Why don’t you ever use derogatory words when referring to Kors or Ramsay? Oh that’s right they’re men. We also know PETA could be the greatest force for all animals even the smallest and most horribly vicimized ones if they could ever grow up. But PETA is a big obnoxious child that has to spew their emotions everywhere rather than get themselves a sophisticated campaign worthy of their compassion. When you use the words WHORE SKANK SLUT AND DUMB when referring to women at least try not to pretend you’re using someone else’s words.

  • animal pride says:

    She deserves this tofu cream pie or even better one should throw a bloody fur coat in her face!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Fur hags make me crazy too…