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Hens Get Homes for the Holidays … and Do a Little Painting, Too

Written by Alisa Mullins | December 7, 2014

Almost 100 rescued chickens—saved from an egg farm by Animal Place sanctuary—embarked on their new lives in loving homes on Saturday, when PETA’s Los Angeles headquarters, the Bob Barker Building, hosted the biggest chicken adoption event ever. “These birds will never be used as egg-laying machines or cut up for dinner—they’ll be family companions, as beloved as any dog or cat,” said Animal Place Executive Director Kim Sturla.

PETA Chicken Adoption Event

PETA Chicken Adoption Event

PETA Chicken Adoption Event

Some famous faces were on hand for some quality hen time, including Simone Reyes and Allisyn Arm.

PETA Chicken Adoption Event

PETA Chicken Adoption Event

Guests snacked on vegan chicken-salad sandwiches and washed them down with vegan eggnog.

The birds had a blast, too, creating abstract art with non-toxic paints.

Painting Chickens at PETA Adoption Event

Chickens Painting at PETA Adoption Event

Abstract Art by Chickens at PETA Adoption Event

The chickens were rescued from an egg farm that was “depopulating” birds who were no longer productive. This is done at farms all over the country—even at so-called “humane” or “free-range” farms—but not all “depopulated” chickens are as lucky as these gals. Most are sent to slaughter, their bodies chopped up for chicken “nuggets” and “fingers.”

What You Can Do

The vast majority of eggs come from hens who are confined, with up to nine other hens, to cages the size of a filing cabinet drawer. Even “free-range” hens are generally housed by the thousands in filthy, windowless sheds. You can help chickens everywhere by refusing to buy any eggs and instead using egg-free options for baking and cooking.

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  • P.K.C., Virginia says:

    Absolutely chickens make great pets and have distinct personalities. I’m a city gal but have had chickens for some fifteen years. Some are definitely smarter than my dog! They roll balls around on the floor. Chickens purr, they crave head rubs, they cuddle. Who knows this who has never had a chicken? To EAT them, people MUST dismiss them as stupid and insentient. The are NOT. And yes, they’ve obliged me by making ‘chicken paintings’ while strutting through paint. Chickens make great companions. Seeing pictures of them on factory farms makes me ill.

  • Miss RJ says:

    Hens are such beautiful and sweet animals! Thank you PETA for saving them and for saving all animals! <3

  • richie says:

    When I was in elementary school the teacher said my handwriting looked like “chicken scratch”, and I used to think that was a bad thing. Ha ha. So good to see some of the most abused animals on the planet getting rescued.

  • Eleanor Israel says:

    Chickens are so intelligent and all have different personalities. We have a small flock and are always amazed at their antics and how tame they become.

  • Ashie says:

    who knew that hens could be artists too……….I am so happy for these loving birds…they deserve it