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PETA’s Farmed Animal Campaigns: Some Improvements Made; Many More Still Needed

PETA’s successful campaigns against McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Safeway have resulted in historic improvements in the living conditions of farmed animals in North America and increased awareness of the horrors of factory farming to countless consumers.

Since October 1999, when PETA launched our McCruelty campaign against Fortune 500 company and fast-food giant McDonald’s, we have waged a series of successful campaigns urging the restaurant and grocery industries to improve conditions for the animals who are killed for their menus and shelves. PETA’s current campaign against KFC urges the company to eliminate the worst abuses that are suffered by the roughly 1 billion chickens who are raised and killed for its buckets each year.

The guidelines that were developed as a result of these campaigns recognize that farmed animals have specific needs and interests that should be protected—though corporate greed means that companies often fall short of eliminating the vast majority of abuses that farmed animals suffer. Even with groundbreaking new standards, shocking cruelty is still the norm—the abuses are so horrible that they could warrant felony cruelty-to-animals charges in most states if dogs or cats were the victims.

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