Issue 1: Winter 2024

Issue 1|Winter 2024
ARK rescuing dog in flooding in Ukraine
© Animal Rescue Kharkiv
On the Front Lines

Since their beginning, PETA entities around the world have rescued many animals from seemingly hopeless situations, often in areas where few other humans dared go.

A donkey pulling three children on a cart
© Val_Yankin/
A Message From Ingrid Newkirk

There may be little we can do as individuals to end wars. But we can definitely bring peace to others through our acts of kindness, by respecting animals and looking out for them always.


Take a spin around the globe with PETA and read about rescues, victories, and ways in which you can help animals.

Buffalo Mozzarella Exposé

The Ontario Water Buffalo Company claims that the animals it exploits are “raised how nature intended.” But the whistleblower told PETA another story.

Victory – One Animal at a Time

Whether it’s human-caused calamities, natural disasters, or abuse, PETA’s first responders do whatever is humanly possible to get animals out.

The Talk of the Catwalk

Designers who stole animals’ skin found PETA entities stealing their thunder – crashing catwalks and commandeering camera shots at fashion weeks not only in New York but also in London, Milan, and Paris.

Bob Barker: He Put Animal Rights on the Map

Longtime PETA supporter Bob Barker cared about a lot of things, but what meant the most to him – and what he spent most of his life making sure his vast TV audience heard about – was animal rights.

Vegan ramen
© Lizzie Mayson
Make ‘Veganuary’ Last All Year

Our friends at UK-based Veganuary have been providing people around the world with incentives to help them go vegan. Celebrate with the launch of ‘The Official Veganuary Cookbook’!

Get ‘PETA Global’ Delivered to Your Door!

A subscription to the print version of ‘PETA Global’ is just one of the many perks of being a PETA member. Donate $16 or more today to get this acclaimed magazine and more delivered to your mailbox.

Jim Irsay – © Photo courtesy of Indianapolis Colts
Game Plan: Jim Irsay Steps Up for Animals

Jim Irsay, the owner of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, is a man of action and compassion. He is inspired by Drake, his beloved mixed-breed “holy dog” who is always by his side.

They’re Counting On You To Be Bold

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk says, “Animals don’t need teary-eyed tissue-wetters. They need change-making go-getters!” Let these go-getters and the changes they’ve made encourage and empower you.

Bear Families Blasted With Bottle Rockets

Captive bears like this one (not at Bear Country U.S.A.) suffer behind bars. In nature, bear cubs and their mothers play, nest, sleep, eat, and climb together for nearly two years. But none of that occurs at a South Dakota drive-through tourist trap.

Is TB Coming to a Lab Near You?

PETA has uncovered damning evidence that the international primate pipeline is fast-tracking potentially fatal tuberculosis (TB) into human populations.

© Kabul Small Animal Rescue
‘Fixing’ the Companion Animal Overpopulation Problem

The companion animal overpopulation crisis is a worldwide one, and PETA entities around the globe are busy spaying and neutering animals at no or low cost.

© El Dorado County Animal Services Investigations 2022
Beware of Fake Animal ‘Rescues’! PETA Combats the Scourge of Sham Saviors

If you spread the word about these self-proclaimed animal “rescue” groups, share their posts on social media, or promote them in other ways, do you know what you’re really supporting? You would be appalled.

© Duran Photography
Taking Down the Triple Crown

PETA is working hard to show what happens behind the screens and demanding changes to protect horses. And the industry is being forced to respond.

© Imagique
Ants in Your Pant(ry)? Mouse in Your House?

It can be disconcerting to find that you’re sharing your home with cockroaches or squirrels, but that must never mean setting out cruel traps or poisons. Use these tips instead.

PETA’s Executive Vice President Tackles Your Tough Questions

PETA’s executive vice president, Tracy Reiman, tackles your tough questions.

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