Two PETA supporters stand outside Starbucks with polar bear masks and signs


Issue 1|Winter 2024

Budweiser Stops Mutilating Horses

horse masked protesters in a row against budweiser

After a PETA investigation, dozens of protests, a nationwide ad campaign, and e-mails from 121,000 concerned consumers, Budweiser stopped amputating Clydesdales’ tailbones. PETA’s investigation revealed that Budweiser had been painfully severing young horses’ tailbones using scalpels or by putting tight bands around their tails to stop blood flow – causing them to fall off. Learn how you can help horses today.

Hundreds of Birds Fly Free, Thanks to PETA India

Various species of birds inside a cage

More than 800 parakeets, munias, and silverbills are now living as they should – free in their natural forest homes. They were found suffering in horribly crowded cages at a market in Lucknow. Acting on a tip, PETA India went to the police, who raided the market and booked the perpetrators. Never buy or cage birds. Buy binoculars and watch them in the wild instead.

Huzzah! UniverSoul Circus Goes Animal-Free

A woman's ankles are shackled with a ball and chain

PETA’s persistence has paid off again. UniverSoul Circus has stopped exploiting elephants, zebras, camels, horses, and other animals. Our campaign included protests at shows across the US, more than 100,000 supporters’ e-mails, and calls to desist from celebs like TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, who said, “These beautiful wild animals belong in the wild, not for our entertainment.” Tell everyone you know never to buy tickets to circuses that use animals.

Ava Dash Goes Wild at LA Fashion Week

Model Ava Dash made quite a fashion statement when she appeared in this new PETA ad exposing the cruelty of the exotic-skins industry. PETA exposés show alligators’ brains being scrambled with metal rods and nails driven into snakes’ heads so their skin can be stripped from them and made into hideous accessories. Scream bloody murder at Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada until they ditch exotic skins.

Skins Smackdown: PETA UK Exposes the Horrors Behind Birkin Bags

Tash Peterson, PETA Australia’s 2022 Activist of the Year, teamed up with PETA UK for an impossible-to-miss protest outside Hermès’ flagship London store, seeking to push the company to take reptiles’ stolen skins off its shelves. An investigation filmed on farms owned by Hermès revealed that crocodiles are kept in cramped, barren conditions and then mutilated and stabbed with a screwdriver – often while still conscious. It can take three crocodiles to make just one Hermès Birkin bag. Urge the company to have the guts to drop exotic skins.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Now on Flights

A calf and cow next to a cup of coffee with heart-shaped steam

Delta Air Lines snagged PETA’s Compassion on Board Award for being the first airline to add vegan coffee creamer on all its flights departing the US. Delta’s decision followed PETA’s request. Alaska Airlines is also helping to make the skies kinder to mother cows – whose beloved calves are stolen from them in the dairy industry – by adding oat milk creamer on all its flights. Urge Southwest and American airlines to follow suit.

Gervais, Rylance, Twiggy, Others: END HUNTING!

After the United Nations’ Committee on the Rights of the Child issued a landmark new directive that children be protected from “exposure to violence, such as … violence inflicted on animals,” staunch animal protectionists Ricky Gervais, Sir Mark Rylance, and Dame Lesley Lawson (aka “Twiggy”) joined many other well-known figures in signing PETA UK’s letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urging him to introduce legislation that would prohibit young people from participating in or witnessing hunting activities – which are always violent and often psychologically scarring.

Starbucks: Stop Milking Customers, for Cows’ and Polar Bears’ Sake!

Two PETA supporters stand outside Starbucks with polar bear masks and signs

PETA’s giant inflatable babies handed out super-tasty vegan Babybel cheese snacks this summer to remind tourists that milk is for babies – and that cow’s milk is for calves, not us. In Ohio, a pack of PETA “polar bears” surrounded a Starbucks to protest its planet-warming, pro-dairy policy of gouging people for requesting vegan milk. Stay away from Starbucks until it ends the upcharge! Tell the company to stop charging extra for vegan milks.

Sarah Silverman Dishes It Out In ‘ThanksVegan’ Ad

Sarah Silverman with turkey next to text that says "We Are All animals"

Sarah Silverman is all about doing right for animals, her health, and the environment. That’s why the popular comedian, actor, and author – who’s been a vegetarian since she was 7 – starred in PETA’s ThanksVegan ad urging people to feast on all the Thanksgiving staples without contributing to the suffering that comes with raising and killing animals for food. Celebrate the spirit of ThanksVegan all year long with PETA’s recipes and tips.

PETA India Equips Educators With Lifesaving Teaching Tool

A tricolor guinea pig on a white background

PETA India joined forces with Simcology to offer the company’s virtual animal simulation software free to educators – enabling pharmacology students to learn without harming animals. The interactive software will help replace archaic experiments in which mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other animals are forced to inhale or consume chemicals or are deliberately infected with diseases before being killed. Find out how your local schools can replace frog cadavers with hyperrealistic synthetic models.

Would You Want To Be Tested On?

Emily Austin with syringe and text that says "Would you want to be tested on? Shut down monkey labs"

Sports reporter and Miss Universe judge Emily Austin has taken a shot at monkey laboratories. In her PETA video, she pleads from the perspective of a monkey torn away from her mother, thrown into a shipping container, and sent to a laboratory, where she’s experimented on and forcibly impregnated and where she “howls in despair” when her own babies are pried from her arms. Join Emily and help shut down the remaining US national primate research centers.

Show an Old Dog Some Love. Adopt One!

Ron Perlman with dog Sassy next to white and red text that says "Show an old dog some love. Adopt one!"

In a new ad campaign dedicated to his late elderly dog Sassypants, Ron Perlman – from Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy – says, “If you can rescue a senior animal, do it, because what you’re going to give them is the best years of their lives.” Check out Ron’s video, and remind your friends to adopt, not buy, animal companions.

PETA Ends Cruel Rattlesnake Photos


Vendors at the Apache Rattlesnake Festival in Oklahoma used to sew the mouths of rattlesnakes shut – leaving them unable to eat or drink – so people could pose with them for “scary” photos. That ended when PETA got involved. After the festival heard from thousands of our members and supporters, the vendors got the boot. Get in on the action! Help PETA achieve more victories like this one by joining the Action Team.

Sea Things Differently

A man stands at a fish market selling fake dead cats with a sign that reads "If you wouldn't eat a c at. why eat a fish? Go vegan!"

Why did a PETA UK “kittenmonger” set up shop next to the fishmongers at Folkestone’s Fish Market in Kent? To expose speciesism and challenge everyone to see fish for who they are: playful, inquisitive individuals who feel fear and pain – just like the cats who share our homes. Check out these delicious vegan seafood options.

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