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The following post was originally published by Christine Doré on The PETA Files.

We at PETA have long-loved for its amazing selection of leather-free shoes. In fact, we recently ranked Zappos as the #1 best retailer of vegan shoes. So needless to say, when we found out that Zappos was selling lots of fur products, we were none too pleased.

Back in August, we wrote to the company about this, urging it to adopt a fur-free policy. At the time, Zappos said that it would look into the issue, to gauge people’s thoughts on it. So, to help speed that process up, we launched an on-line marketing campaign, getting members of the public to write to Zappos’ CEO and urge him to send the pelts packing—which more than 11,000 of you did! The campaign also become totally viral and social networking was a huge part—many people posted tweets on Twitter and passed around our petition on Facebook and much more.

I mean seriously, is this the first campaign in history to ever be won by tweeting and the slick use of other online tools? It’s pretty exciting if you ask me. And also pretty novel! We are paving the way of the future, my friends.

Well, it seems Zappos got the message that people hate fur, because yesterday, the company officially adopted a permanent policy of never selling any products containing the fur of an animal!

Thank you SO much to all of you fantastic online activists for helping, and to Zappos, for making the kind decision to forego fur now and into the future. This will help spare countless mink, rabbits, foxes and other animals all the horror of fur-farming and trapping, like being electrocuted, bludgeoned and skinned alive.

Now that we’re all rightfully pumped about this exciting victory, we’ve decided to take on new campaign because, well, we can’t be stopped! For those who want to learn more about the issue and find other ways to help, please be sure to check out our compassionate clothing guide here.

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