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Etsy prides itself on selling an array of fashionable and artistic items, but there’s nothing becoming about selling—or wearing—dead animal parts.

Animals like this one spend their entire lives in cramped and filthy cages on fur farms 😢😠URGE Etsy to ban fur now!

Posted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Most animals in the fur industry spend their entire lives confined to filthy cages before finally being beaten, electrocuted, gassed, or even skinned alive. Until Etsy bans fur sales, try these vegan boutiques and stores to fill your online shopping void:


This Portland, Oregon, legend is known for its on-trend, edgy fashion. But did you know that Herbivore also sells vegan products like art and scents for your home? Well, now you do. In addition to creative cards, magazines, and stickers telling meat-eaters to shove it, the shop carries dozens of vegan cookbook favorites, like Sweet Potato Soul and The Seitanic Spellbook. (Hail seitan.)

Our PETA Mall gathers up dozens of companies and presents them all in one easy-to-browse space. You’ll find everything from stylish sunglasses and handbags to faux-fur coats and the best vegan cheese you’ll ever have. All companies are PETA Business Friends.

PETAxNAE Boots© nae

The PETA Shop

There’s also the official PETA Shop for more animal liberation threads, accessories, and other goodies. Check back often, as we’re always adding new, creative ways to advocate for the vegan revolution. Best of all, every purchase from a PETA Business Friend or from the PETA Shop helps fund our groundbreaking work to stop animal abuse and suffering.

Vegan Scene

Vegan Scene is a 100% vegan and eco-conscious fashion boutique based in Venice, California. Its mission “to make vegan fashion accessible, affordable, and luxe” is something we all can get behind. From workout clothing to bedroom intimates, this shop has something for you.

Vegan Essentials

It’s no wonder Vegan Essentials is the longest-operating cruelty-free retailer in the U.S. This award-winning online store offers high-quality items that are guaranteed vegan. Be sure to check out its gift ideas to spread some compassionate cheer this holiday season.

The Vegan Warehouse

Looking to fill your home with irresistible scents while wearing vegan jewelry and sipping a steaming cup of detox tea? All this (and so much more) can be accomplished by shopping at The Vegan Warehouse—a top-notch provider of whatever vegan products you need in life.


Snacks, beauty, and makeup—oh my! Vegancuts celebrates the compassionate lifestyle, regardless of how you live it. If you’re having trouble deciding which products to test, try one of the store’s subscription boxes and have the best vegan goodies sent right to you every month.


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The Compassionate Closet

PETA Business Friend The Compassionate Closet states that it’s “a vegan-owned business that sells cruelty-free apparel, shoes, belts, bags, shiny things, and other rad stuff.” Who doesn’t enjoy shiny and rad stuff?! The shop also keeps our ecological footprint in mind, using upcycled and low-impact materials whenever possible. It’s no surprise that it carries products from another PETA Business Friend, FinalStraw.

Vegan Chic

Vegan Chic specializes in the hottest footwear for everyone in the family, but don’t leave before checking out its stylish handbags and other accessories for living vegan.

TheVeganKind Supermarket

Ever dream about walking into an all-vegan big-box store? TheVeganKind Supermarket is an online store stocked with animal-free clothing, food, household items, gifts, and pretty much everything else you could ever need. It might well be digital heaven.

Billion Vegans

Billon Vegans wants to make new vegans’ journeys a whole lot easier. Sure, food is a huge part of it, but this shop goes beyond what we eat by selling vegan home decor and other great household items. It even offers vegan gardening supplies. How cool is that?!

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Vegan fashion is better designed than ever, using noble materials that are far more eco-friendly than before. So we’ve found some of the most luxurious vegan brands from around the world, all of which are bound to change your view of vegan fashion forever. Link in Bio #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #veganblogger #crueltyfreevibes #veganlifestyle #noanimalsharmed #vegansofig #madesafe #veganaccessories #beautywithapurpose #veganfashion #vegan #ethicalfashion #crueltyfreefashion #veganhandbags #veganbags #veganshare #govegan #sustainbalefashion #veganlife #vegangirl #minimalist #minimaldesign #ecofriendly #veganapparel #ecofashion #veganclothing #vegansofinstagram #instavegan #veganfriendly

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Give Etsy a Piece of Your Mind—Urge It to Drop Fur

Whether it came from a caged animal on a farm or one who was trapped in their natural habitat, every piece of fur is the result of tremendous suffering. In the 21st century, there’s absolutely no reason to wear animal-derived materials—fashionable, eco-friendly, and better-performing vegan materials are readily available. Urge Etsy to prohibit the sale of fur.

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