Published by Sara Oliver.

Did you know that your skincare routine can help PETA Germany save animals in Ukraine? Our friends at 100% Pure have created limited-edition Animal Rescue Sets of high-quality skincare products, and the proceeds are helping to fund PETA Germany’s vital work in the country.

100% Pure’s Limited-Edition Animal Rescue Sets

The cruelty-free 100% Pure Animal Rescue Sets feature luxurious products, such as face masks, hand creams, and facial serums, to keep your skin glowing. Even the Honey Almond Cream (made from honeysuckle, not from the product of bees’ hard work!) is vegan.

The caffeine mask, brown, is shown in a clear case and surrounded by other products in the Animal Rescue Sets from 100% Pure, like the Collagen Boost Sheet Mask, on a green backgrund

Each of the three Animal Rescue Sets features different products, so check out the Hydrate & Glow, Multi Masking Duo, and Daily Radiance packages. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to grab exciting products like the revitalizing Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, the Green Tea Water Bomb, and many others and join 100% Pure in supporting PETA Germany’s vital work in Ukraine.

Save Lives and Look Good While Doing It With 100% Pure Animal Rescue Sets

PETA Germany and its partners have worked vigorously since Russia invaded Ukraine, rescuing over 1,500 cats and dogs, reuniting refugees with their animal companions, and feeding more than 100,000 cats, dogs, horses, and donkeys in the country. 100% Pure will donate 100% of the proceeds from the limited-edition sets to fund this vital work, so order your Animal Rescue Set today!

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