Don’t Get Cold Feet—Try One of These Vegan Slippers

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It’s a cold winter night. You’ve got vegan hot chocolate in one hand and Animalkind in another, all while you’re snug in a cozy vegan blanket. Everything seems perfect—until you look down at your bare, frozen feet! You’re in major need of fuzzy slippers, but they definitely shouldn’t come at the expense of sheep, minks, or any other animals.

When looking for vegan slippers, watch out for fur, shearling, suede, leather, silk, and wool. Instead, look for Sherpa (also known as “faux shearling”), faux fur, polyester, and velour. To make it easier for you, here are PETA’s top picks:


Nothing beats a classic look. Pawj’s sheep-free suede and fluffy faux-fur slippers take the (vegan) cake for kindness to animals as well. Check out the brand’s variety of high-quality footwear, men’s sizes included.


NOIZE’s furry slippers come in more than five different colors to match anyone’s hygge aesthetic. The brand even has a style that features an elastic heel strap for extra security and comfort.

woman wearing NOIZE vegan slipper booties

Pottery Barn

Although Pottery Barn is mostly known for home decor, it offers several kinds of plush vegan slippers. Cozy up in a pair that suits your style, and rest assured that no one harmed animals for your slippers.

White waffle patterned slippers


If you’re looking for indoor/outdoor slippers with a focus on sustainability, Freewaters has the ones for you. Its slippers have cow-free leather and rubber soles that are both durable and comfortable.


Tuk’s slippers feature animal prints and faces that highlight kindness to animals. These fun patterns also come at affordable prices.


Looking for maximum foot warmth? TOMS offers a wide variety of slipper types, such as booties for extra heel support. The brand also labels shoes that are 100% vegan.

Nomadic State of Mind*

For year-round use, check out Nomadic State of Mind’s “house slippas.” Not only does the brand refuse to use animals for shoes, its materials are also ethically sourced.


UGG, whose entire footwear line was previously made from animals’ stolen wool and other body parts, now has vegan options. This victory follows pressure from PETA and thousands of its supporters and will help prevent the killing of gentle sheep. Made from carbon-neutral plant materials such as sugarcane and wood pulp, these shoes also tread lightly on the environment. This exciting first step is yet more proof that the future of fashion is vegan—now, we need to get UGG to ditch all shearling, suede, and wool. Take action below!


Will Fur Slippers Cause the Next Pandemic?

While the companies discussed above offer animal-friendly slippers, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, and other popular brands don’t yet offer vegan options. Fur farms—where sensitive animals such as minks are crammed into cages with no room to move or clean themselves—have become hotspots for the novel coronavirus all around the world. Likewise, on wool farms, workers cut sheep and stitch up their wounds without painkillers. These farms are ticking time bombs for the next pandemic. Steer clear of animal abuse, and urge these companies to stop using animals for clothing.

Fur, Wool, and Other Animal-Derived Materials Belong to Their Original Owners

Nonvegan slippers use the wool and skin from sheep, who are excellent at finding plants to make themselves feel better. Sheep use this skill to treat any members of their herd who are sick. Companies sometimes make slipper trim from minks, solitary beings who prefer to explore by themselves. Sheep and minks are just some of the many animals whose lives you can spare by shopping for vegan slippers and other items. Need help shopping? Check out PETA’s vegan clothing guide.

*These companies support PETA’s groundbreaking work to stop animal abuse and suffering through a PETA Business Friends partnership.

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