Published by Ashley Guy.

The Sailor’s Dream-PETA-Camel sandal will change the way you think about shoes.

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Take a moment to imagine this: You board your very own sailboat and set off across a magical blue ocean. You gaze out across the water, which covers the vast majority of our planet and sustains every single living being in it. Four leaping, acrobatic dolphins follow along right off your bow, happily calling back and forth to each other, just as excited about the adventure as you are. Birds soar high above on their long annual trip back home to their friends and families, and a couple even stop for a moment to rest on your boat. You put on your snorkel mask and jump in, and instantly, you’re surrounded by a vibrant swirl of fish swimming freely just beneath the surface of the water. The ocean moves beneath you, and you’re caught up in the grand opera happening all around—the interconnected web of life of all species, of which humans are just one part.

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Your boat continues on, the sails that you tied off tightly with your own two hands taut and filled with the winds that give your craft movement. The ropes strain, almost overcome by the wind, but still hold strong. Like the knots that keep your craft afloat, the infinity knot on this sandal illustrates the infinite value that our environment has for all animals, including humans. This fashionable and sustainably made vegan sandal insists on harmony between humans and all other animals on the planet. The Sailor’s Dream-PETA-Camel sandal is reminiscent of the feeling of bliss and wonderment that we have when hearing the voices of animals all around us in nature.

nomadic state of mind and peta collab sandals 3

Nomadic State of Mind x PETA Sailor’s Dream sandals are made in America out of carefully handwoven rope, with a charming square knot on top. They slip on and off with ease and are machine washable. To help protect ocean, land, and air animals, 17% of proceeds from sales of the Sailor’s Dream-PETA-Camel sandal will be donated to PETA. Love of and respect for the animals in the world isn’t just a state of mind—it’s a way of living. That’s why Nomadic State of Mind sandals are made in a socially and environmentally conscious way. The company uses recycled materials wherever possible and sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, and RPET. And the Nomadic State of Mind “No Scraps Left Behind” program minimizes manufacturing waste as much as possible by using leftover scraps to create products such as rope decor, rugs, and artwork.

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