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1. Aubrey Organics—Men’s Stock City Rhythms:

Aubrey Organics City Rhythm Vegan Aftershave optimized

Try this vegan aftershave for a mellow, laidback scent of bergamot with hints of cedar and sandalwood.

2. Aubrey Organics—Men’s Stock Spice Island:

Aubrey Organics Spice Island Vegan Aftershave Optimized

This option from Aubrey Organics has more of a warm tropical scent with a crisp, spicy finish.

3. Jack Black—Post Shave Cooling Gel:

Jack Black Cooling Vegan Aftershave Gel Optimized

Try this vegan aftershave if your skin gets particularly irritated from shaving. Its mixture of aloe, sage, and lavender will also help soothe sunburns.

4. Jack Black—Double-Duty Face Moisturizer:

Jack Black Double Duty Vegan Aftershave Optimized

This product does double duty as both an aftershave and an SPF 20 facial moisturizer. Try it if you’re particularly sensitive to the sun.

5. Herban Cowboy—After Shave Balm:

Herban Cowboy Vegan Aftershave Optimized

Try this option for an all-natural dusk scent and a soothing combination of carrot, cucumber, and shea butter. As a bonus, this product comes in recyclable packaging!

6. The Body Shop—White Musk for Men Aftershave Balm:

Body Shop White Musk Vegan Aftershave Optimized

This light vegan aftershave has a very rich scent, perfect for a breathtaking first impression.

7. Honeybee Gardens—Herbal Aftershave:

Honeybee Gardens Herbal Vegan Aftershave Optimized

This product has the perfect combination of essential oils and aloe vera for a cooling, lightly scented aftershave.

8. DIY Bonus—Three-Ingredient Cucumber Aftershave:

DIY Cucumber Vegan Aftershave

If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands and you want to make sure that your aftershave is fresh with minimal ingredients, give one of our three-ingredient DIY aftershaves a try. In addition to the cooling cucumber, we’ve also got an option for a refreshing orange aftershave!

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