Published by Josh Eldridge.

Every man has a footwear preference. There are “sneaker heads,” guys who go for casual Chuck Taylors, and, of course, boot men. With fall upon us, your feet will soon need some extra warmth and protection, and now, finding cruelty-free boots is easier than ever. Whether you’re shopping online or going to the mall, there are plenty of cool options to choose from. Here, we break down the best of the best:

Martens AirWair

Punk rockers, rejoice! An old faithful for many men is now cruelty-free. The Vegan 1460 is an animal-free version of the classic “Doc Boot” that we all know and love. These are perfect for stomping your way around the mosh pit or keeping your feet protected from icy winter weather. My go-to fall outfit consists of a crewneck shirt, a pair of jeans, and my Dr. Martens. You can also now get vegan Dr. Martens at Urban Outfitters.

Men's Dr. Martens Boot



H&M is now selling a variety of vegan boots that are affordable and easy to find. Whether you’re looking for desert boots, zip boots or an awesome pair of biker boots, H&M has you covered. This company proves that you don’t need to murder animals to be fashion forward.

Desert Boot

Good Guys (Don’t Wear Leather)

If you have a little more money to spend, then the coolest boots in the game right now come from Good Guys. Black is the color that my entire wardrobe is based on, but nothing is cooler than throwing in some color with a pair of Good Guys boots. If you’re willing to try something really different, go with the burgundy Ayita boot. Your feet will look awesome in Good Guys boots no matter what your personal style is.


Here’s some good news on the fashion front- Stella McCartney has announced a menswear line!

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