Top Animal-Friendly Thingamabobs Every Mermaid Needs—Under 25 Clams

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When you’re really a mermaid, it shows: The water is your happy place, you’re never shallow, and you have a huge heart for the ocean and all its inhabitants. But even real mermaids have to spend some time on land. So when you’re hanging out where the people are, keep the ocean close with some of our favorite thingamabobs—all under 25 sand dollars.

Glitzy vegan beauty brand Spectrum is making all the waves with its exclusive collections celebrating The Little Mermaid and merbabes everywhere. Scoop up either an Ariel or Ursula makeup bag for just 25 (British) clams, and a portion of the purchase price will go toward cleaning up plastic in the oceans.

You’ll also flip for Spectrum’s Mermaid Tail Scrub, which will keep your tail (or makeup brushes) sparkling. And check out Spectrum’s full Disney collaboration and Merbabe collection.

Cruelty-free brand wet n wild has new mermaid-themed makeup inspired by, well, us, of course—as well as the beauty and mystery of the sea. The highlighting bar gives you sparkles reminiscent of sunlight on the waves, and these liquid eyeliners are great for a pop of oceanic color:

The sun can wreak havoc on mer-skin. Care for it with The Body Shop’s new seaweed products designed for all skin types. Our faves are the vegan exfoliator, toner, and clay mask.

Your toes will look more fin than feet in 100 percent vegan company Pacifica’s Mermaid nail polish. It’s full of vibrant color and free of harsh chemicals.

After a long day of walking, let this floating tail do the work for a while …

… and mermaids of legal age can relax with a bubbly mermosa or a bottle of Coronado Brewing Company’s refreshing (and vegan!) Mermaid’s Red ale.

Ariel would never have eaten Sebastian, Flounder, or any of her other sea friends. Remind the landlubbers that ocean animals are friends, not food, by sporting one of PETA’s fish-friendly tees.

Then hook their taste buds with fabulous faux fish, such as Gardein’s Golden Fishless Filets or Mini Crabless Cakes, May Wah’s Vegan Tuna or Vegetarian Salmon, or Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Shrimp.

To make a splash at a fancy soirée, show up with Cavi-art—cruelty-free caviar made from seaweed.

Obviously, we merfolk don’t eat ocean animals (cannibalism, eww), but vegan sushi with seaweed, avocado, mango salsa, kiwi, and other beachy yumminess? Shell, yeah!

When you don’t have your sparkling tail, keep shining with glass, bronze, glitter, seashells, or your favorite oceany finds. (Just not real starfish—true mermaids don’t kill starfish.)

And hold it all in the prettiest sea-green glass dish.

OK, yes, legs are required for jumping and dancing. For those days when you absolutely have to walk around on those—whaddya call ’em?—feet, have fun with it in scales-and-fins leggings

… and the perfect boyfriend merman shorts.

Mermaids shudder to recall that Madison in Splash was nearly killed when she was shoved into a tank. And we know that SeaWorld’s concrete tanks are doing the same thing to our pals—orcas, belugas, and bottlenose dolphins. Grab an anti-SeaWorld shirt, bracelet, or tote bag and show that merfolk are always opposed to exploiting marine life.

Nothing is as peaceful as the rocking of the waves, of course, but with sheets and pillowcases featuring tailfins and surfboards or colorful mergals—combined with an ocean waves sound machine—you can bring the tranquility of the sea to any human bedroom.

Gone are the days of speaking into conchs. Now, our shellphones are almost as smart and fun as we are. Reminisce with these throwback seashell earbuds.


As mermaids, we have to be advocates for the oceans. So let’s fin up. Sign up for PETA’s mobile action alerts, and you’ll receive a quick text on your shell whenever ocean animals, or any animals, need help. Just text back a single word or even letter, and PETA will send a message to an animal abuser on your behalf. Helping animals: easier than a flip of the tailfin.

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