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For the past three decades, PETA has worked to end cruel cosmetics tests on animals. And our work is paying off, because cosmetics testing on animals has all but ended in the U.S. and most other countries. For example, it’s now banned in the European Union, India, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey, and rarely occurs in Canada. It’s time to celebrate this progress!

Our focus is now on ending China’s cruel requirement that products sold there be tested on animals. See how PETA exposed this here.

Want to help us put pressure on companies that still support animal testing in China?

Purchase only cruelty-free products. Our Beauty Without Bunnies searchable database allows you to search for a company and immediately find out whether it supports testing products on animals.

Here are just some of the cruelty-free companies on our list:

Look for our trusted PETA bunny logo to find products that weren’t tested on animals. For years, companies have relied on these logos to share their animal-friendly values with consumers:

Avoid purchasing products from brands that still pay for animal tests in China:

You can also follow our action alerts, which have persuaded countless companies to change their ways. Just one simple e-signature, phone call, or e-mail will make your voice heard loud and clear.

In 2012, we revealed that some formerly cruelty-free companies quietly changed their policies and were paying for animal tests in order to sell their products in China. Send the messages to Mary Kay, Estée Lauder, and Revlon that you won’t be using their products until the company stops paying to poison and kill animals:

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