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The following article was written by PETA intern Heather Mangal.

Hello. My name is Heather, and I am addicted to shoes. I have been a shoe addict for most of my life, and when I went vegan, shoe shopping not only became more fun but also got way cheaper! So why spend big bucks on shoes made out of the skins of a dead animal when you can buy incredible shoes made out of synthetic materials? Yes, you can be a fashionista without wearing leather!

Everyone knows that a good pair of shoes makes your legs look great, but you don’t need to break the legs of animals to accomplish this. There are tons of fabulous kicks out there that are comfortable, stylish, and sexy—and also inexpensive.

Bite It, Burberry

Leather is the most common animal skin that people wear, and Burberry does not play nice. So here are the reasons why you shouldn’t buy Burberry’s $1,295 leather boots made of a baby lambs’ skin:

  • Burberry gets its fur from some of the most cruel and inhumane fur farms.
  • The leather industry is cruel. Animals are tortured, confined to crowded spaces, castrated, branded and dehorned without any anesthesia, and then carelessly executed.
  • You can get an equally (if not more) chic and sophisticated pair of vegan boots like the Russie Over-The-Knee Boot from Jones New York.

Gucci, You’re a Hoochie

Snakeskin shoes are so unnecessary. Of course, Gucci does not take the skin from just any snake. Nope—Gucci takes it from pythons. California has even banned the selling of python shoes like these ones from Gucci that are sold for $1,100.

Just because you may not think a snake is cute and cuddly does not mean that snakes deserve to have their skin torn off them while they are still living. So whip out that credit card and support an industry that does not skin helpless creatures alive by buying these cheaper and torture-free pair of heels from Madden Girl. The zebra print will still give you that exotic look without taking a life. Take the pledge to swear off exotic skins now, and nobody gets hurt!

Boo on You, Jimmy Choo

Eel skin, really? Why would anyone buy these not-so-cute Jimmy Choo shoes made out of the skins of water snakes for $595 when you could rock the socks out of the sexy and cruelty-free faux–snake-skin heels from Chinese Laundry? Please tell Jimmy Choo to stop the madness and eliminate exotic skins from his collection!

Being a vegan shoe addict is great because I can buy more shoes for less money without participating in the murder of helpless animals. It’s a win-win situation. Pledge never to wear anyone else’s skin, including that of seals, cows, snakes, alligators, rabbits, dogs, cats, and all other animals.

I want to hear all about your favorite pair of vegan shoes. What’s the brand, style, etc.?

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