Published by Nedelle Torrisi.

This Office Star Products Faux Leather Armless Task Chair With Chrome Accents from Walmart will add a touch of elegance to any home office.

walmart office chair

Urban Outfitters’ Assembly Home Moa Rug comes in three sizes to fit your room.

Urban Office Rug

This whimsical tapestry from Urban Outfitters can be used as a bedspread or a wall hanging. Add a bit of nature’s ambiance to your home!


WorkSmart’s Faux Leather Manager’s Chair With Padded Arms will make you feel like a real boss!

worksmart office chair

This narwhal hook, which is also from Urban Outfitters, will hold your necklaces or your coat—and it’s super-cute.


Target’s Lyon Viscose Rug is the perfect size for a home office.­­­­

Office Rug

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