Published by PETA.

1. Go vegan.

A healthy, natural vegan diet can be a really inexpensive way to eat. Prepackaged items can cost you an arm and a leg, but if you go the more natural route, you can really save a lot of cash.

2. Bargain shop.

Shop for cruelty-free bargains at dollar and discount stores, and stock up when you find a really good deal. You can usually get a few cents off your purchase at the checkout counter when you take your own bags too.

3. Create your own salon and spa.

If you usually go for professional salon or spa treatments, try recreating your favorite spa treatments at home, including coloring your own hair.

4. Switch to homemade cleaners.

Making your own household cleaning products is very easy and can be cheaper and gentler on the environment as well as healthier for you. You can even unclog drains with items you may already have in your own pantry.

5. Use coupons whenever you can.

The Sunday papers are a good place to start, and many natural food stores even have booklets of coupons for vegan products. Most major grocery chains have programs through which they will offer to double and sometimes triple manufacturer’s coupons. It’s definitely worth checking with your favorite supermarkets about their coupon offers—some even have Newsletters that will alert you to upcoming coupon promotions.

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