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Written by Ashley Dunlop of Heart 2 Home Creations

Are your windows looking a little bare? Are you having a party and need some fun decorations? Or do you just loooove to get crafty? Well, here’s how you can make your very own wool-free pom-pom garland! It’s super-easy and quick to make, inexpensive, and versatile, and you can use it over and over again.

DIY pom-pom garland

These instructions include how to make a pom-pom with a pom-pom maker as well as how to make your own pom-pom maker.

Wool-Free Pom-Pom Garland

100 percent cotton yarn (I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream brand)
Jute string
Pom-pom maker (I used Clover brand; if you can’t get a pom-pom maker, scroll down to learn how to make your own!)

Step 1: Wrap yarn around each side of the pom-pom maker. If you want your pom-poms to look fuller, use multiple wrapped layers of yarn! (I used three layers of yarn for each side of the pom-pom maker.)

Step 2: Cut the yarn down the middle of the pom-pom maker. (See step 2 below.)

DIY Pom-Pom steps

Step 3: Tie a piece yarn around the center of the pom-pom maker. (This center will be revealed once you’ve cut the yarn.) I like to use a double knot when I tie the yarn, and I also use two pieces of yarn to make sure that my pom-pom doesn’t fall apart. Once tied together, take the pom-pom off the pom-pom maker and—ta-da!—you’ve made a pom-pom.

Note: You may need to shape your pom-pom after you take if off the pom-pom maker (just a quick fluff!). I like to roll my pom-poms between my hands to make them round and fluffy.


Step 4: Continue to make pom-poms using the steps above. Once you’ve made all the pom-poms you want for your garland, cut a piece of jute string to whatever length you want your garland to be. Carefully slide each pom-pom onto the jute string, and enjoy!

Don’t have a pom-pom maker? Just make your own! See below:

Pom-Pom Maker

Cardboard or card stock paper
Two different-sized circles to trace (you can use anything that has a circle shape, such as the top and bottom of a cup or mug)
Pen or pencil
Jute string
100 percent cotton yarn (I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream brand)

Step 1: Trace two circles onto the cardboard using the larger circle shape, then trace two smaller circles (using the smaller circle shape) in the center of the two larger circles.

Step 2: Cut out the larger circles from the cardboard, then cut out the smaller circles in the center. Your two cardboard pieces should look like doughnuts!


Step 3: Put the two doughnut-shaped pieces together and start wrapping your yarn around them. Wrap at least three layers if you want a full pom-pom.

Note: Keep in mind that the larger your circles are, the more yarn you’ll have to use.


Step 4: Once wrapped, cut the yarn down the center (between the cardboard pieces), just as you would with the pom-pom maker.

Step 5: Tie a piece of string tightly around the center (between the cardboard pieces) using a double knot. (I like to use two pieces of string to make sure that the pom-pom holds together.) Take the pom-pom off your homemade pom-pom maker and fluff with your hands. Slide each pom-pom onto the jute string, and now you have your very own wool-free pom-pom garland!


With a simple switch of materials, you can make your crafts cruelty-free. Luckily, when choosing yarn for your projects, there are many alternatives to wool, such as 100 percent cotton yarn, so there’s never a need to hurt sheep in the process. I love 100 percent cotton yarn for pom-pom garlands because it gives the pom-poms a more unique and rustic look and because I know that no animals were harmed or injured to make them.


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