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A clean car is reflective of a clean life. If your car is organized, it’s likely that you are, too—or at least, that’s what we’d like to believe. Regardless, the following are some vegan-friendly cleaners and cleaning accessories to spruce up your ride:

Citrasolv’s CitraClear Window & Glass Cleaner

This powerful spray can be used to clean more than just your car but functions as a perfect spritz for windshields and chrome, ensuring a streak-free shine. The Valencia orange scent is derived from simple orange-peel oil, and the only other ingredients in the 32-ounce bottle are vinegar and decyl glucoside, a natural, non-ionic surfactant.

BioKleen Telescopic Fountain Brush

BioKleen’s telescopic brush is for those hard-to-reach places on tall trucks. The brush can reach more than 5 feet and comes with flow-through soap and water and a replaceable 10-inch brush head.

BioKleen Upholstery Cleaning Brush

BioKleen’s upholstery cleaning brush, on the other hand, takes the cleaning inside. The black nylon bristles can get into the grimy cracks and crevices of upholstery, floor mats, carpets, and car tops and can be teamed with a multitude of cleaning products.

Astonish Cleaner Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner

Winter means foggy windows, which can be hazardous when you heat your car. This anti-fog glass cleaner ensures streak-free clarity and will prevent your car from fogging up when the heat is blasting. The biodegradable spray is simple to wipe off and can be used for all types of car windows.

Astonish Wheel Cleaner

A non-acid formula is used in this wheel cleaner, which “[r]estores alloys to their original glory.”

Industrias T. Taio Washing Mitt

An elastic band ensures a snug fit for this washing mitt made of polyester. Simply dip it in soapy water, blast Rose Royce’s “Car Wash,” and get to scrubbing.

Now that your car is all clean, a few finishing touches will show off your ride in style. Try a PETA bumper sticker, such as the one that reads, “A Pork Chop Stops a Beating Heart.” Or if you’re concerned about a new paint job, try PETA’s car magnets, including ones that say, “Save Lives: Spay & Neuter,” “SeaWorld Kills,” “Go Vegan,” and more.

You never know when you may come upon an animal who needs your assistance. Get PETA’s Animal Rescue Car kit.

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