Published by Ashley Palmer.

Like many people, I once justified eating eggsmilk, and cheese by saying, “But they don’t kill the animals.” What I failed to realize is that the animals who are raised for these products face a horrifying fate that is no different than the one faced by animals who are killed for their flesh.

The money that I was spending on these animal-derived products was going right into the pockets of the industries that I was standing up against as a vegetarian. Once I learned that hens have their beaks cut off with a hot blade and are crammed into cages so small they are unable to spread their wings and that mother cows are forcibly impregnated in order to produce milk for humans and then have their babies stolen away (yep, that’s where veal comes from), I knew I could no longer support any industry that profited from exploiting animals.

Going vegan is the best decision that I have ever made. If you’re in a similar situation, please take a look at my following suggestions for making the transition from a vegetarian diet to a vegan one:

  1. Make vegan versions of your favorite meals. Yes, you can use the same exact recipes! Just use soy milk, vegan margarinevegan cheese, and faux meats where your recipes call for the real thing. You’ll be surprised by just how tasty, satisfying, and comforting it is to enjoy your favorite foods without causing a single animal to suffer.
  2. Try new, interesting, and intriguing foods. Ever wonder what mock shrimp tastes like? Or maybe you’ve been too scared to try tofu. Never been to that Indian or Thai restaurant down the street? Now’s your chance! Being vegan will open your taste buds up to a whole new world.
  3. Browse hundreds of free recipes right here. Use PETA’s simple recipe search to find just the meal that you’re looking for. Search by cuisine type, meal type, or keyword, and you’ll be on your way to foodie heaven in no time! Click here to get started.
  4. Ask a friend to do it with you. Each vegan saves more than 100 animals a year. You can help even more animals if you ask your friends, family, and coworkers to go vegan too. Plus, knowing that you’re “in it together” will help keep you motivated.
  5. Remember the animals you’re fighting for. Explore PETA’s website and become familiar with the issues surrounding animal agriculture. The more you learn, the easier it will be to go vegan.

Going vegan is the easiest, cheapest, and smartest thing that you can do for your health, the planet, and animals. Now that’s a New Year’s resolution worth bragging about.

So what are you waiting for? Go vegan now!

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