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Vegans come in all shapes and sizes, with varied interests, and accordingly, they have different online personas. Some share tons of pictures of their companion animals on Instagram. Some share pictures of their marvelous-looking meals.

We’ve analyzed a bunch of posts and found 12 types of vegans that seem to keep popping up in our Instagram feeds. Do any of them sound familiar to you?

Bring on the filters. It’s Grammy season.

1. Plant-Based Powerhouses

Spend a few minutes browsing the bevy of vegan fitness gurus out there, and you’ll never wonder where vegans “get their protein” from again.

Blue is suddenly my new favorite color.

I seem to have gotten distracted.

2. #MCM- and#WCW-Worthy Hotties

Face it, there are a ridiculous number of crushworthy vegans floating around on the Web, and they’re all out there just waiting to be followed.

I’ll have whatever he’s having.


Recommended daily SERVING.

3. The Straight-Edge Vegans

High on life and compassion—yo.

4. The Crazy Cat Ladies

Yes, dudes can be cat ladies, too, bro.

5. The #Foodporn Fluffers


YES. ALL OF IT, YES. Try searching #veganfoodshare and #whatveganseat if you’re looking for more terrific food shots.

6. Those Shouting, “S-A-N-C-T-U-A-R-Y!”

These vegans just love rescued animals, and who could blame them?

7. The Animal Activists

The great thing about many vegans is that they use their voices, their bodies, and, most of all, their hearts. They speak up for animals, getting out there and fighting for what’s right.

8. The Fountains of Inspiration

How many words is a picture of words worth?

9. International Vegans

The vegan community wraps all the way around the world. Animal abuse never stops, and neither will those fighting it. Remember: There’s always a vegan awake somewhere.

10. Team Happy Hour

There’s more than one way to be #thirsty.

11. The Star Power

If he needs someone to carry that shirt, I volunteer as tribute.

12. The Doting Dog Moms and Dads


Which type are you? Or are you in a class all your own?

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