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Ricky Gervais is a longtime animal advocate, and he has been especially vocal about animal rights on Twitter. He has rallied his followers against everything from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival to fox hunting, among many other issues.

Ricky Gervais©

One topic about which Gervais has been particularly vocal is hunting. He says what everyone is thinking, and he does it with a comedic flair that makes headlines and sparks debate. Here are the most spot-on things he has said about hunting:

1. When he wondered what motivates hunters:

2. When he channeled a snarky Joan Rivers red-carpet interview:

3. When he pointed out the real things that matter in life:

4. When he noted the lack of skill involved in hunting:

5. When he went all Dr. Phil on the hunter who snapped this bizarre selfie:

6. When he warned hunters that they don’t get a free pass just because of their gender:

7. When he fought for the equal treatment of male and female hunters:

8. When he pointed out that animals value their families, too:

9. When he asked this heartbreaking question:

10.  When he pointed out that humans aren’t lions (duh):

 11. When he gave the perfect definition of hunting:

If kindness is magic, then Ricky is the David Blaine of animal defenders. Now, if he could only make hunting disappear …

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