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One stop at Trader Joe’s can help you knock several items off your “ThanksVegan” shopping list. The grocery chain has many vegan Thanksgiving staples to serve alongside your favorite turkey-friendly roast that will help make prepping your feast easier than ever.

Below is a complete Trader Joe’s shopping list for a vegan Thanksgiving.

The Potatoes

Are mashed potatoes your favorite Thanksgiving side dish, too? Your neighborhood Trader Joe’s has options: Pick up a bag (or two) of Mashed Sweet Potatoes from the frozen section and top with its gelatin-free Mini Marshmallows

… or grab a few potatoes from the produce section—as well as the additional ingredients listed here—and follow our simple recipe for Creamy Mashed Potatoes.

“Paws” and Share a Gift of Compassion With Someone You Cherish


The Cranberry Sauce

Trader Joe’s makes it a cinch to include cranberry sauce—the perfect pairing for a turkey-less roast. Choose the classic Fresh Cranberry Sauce or the jarred Cranberry Sauce

… or spice things up with the Fresh Cranberry Orange Relish.

The Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole is a Thanksgiving table staple, and TJ’s has a vegan-friendly ingredient that makes cooking it a breeze. Follow our recipe and use Trader Joe’s Gourmet Fried Onion Pieces in place of French’s brand to complete your vegan green bean dish.

The Soup

Round out your feast with Trader Joe’s convenient ready-made soups, like Organic Hearty Minestrone Soup.

The Veggie Sides

Find prepped seasonal veggies in the fresh or frozen aisles. We love the Holiday Vegetable Hash, which adds color to your meal without all the prep. (Because who has time to cut up a butternut squash on Thanksgiving?)

The Adult Beverages

Eat, drink, and be merry this Thanksgiving with some delicious vegan spirits. Choose from any of the Charles Shaw wine varieties and any of the Trader Joe’s brand beers.

The Other Beverages

Some folks won’t be indulging in spiked drinks this holiday, and TJ’s has got them covered. Choose from the Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage, GT’s Living in Gratitude kombucha, Autumn Maple Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Coffee, and Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ginger Brew:

The Dessert

Whether your guests choose wine or coffee, you’ll want to offer them something sweet to accompany their beverage. Bake fall-perfect bread or muffins with the Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix. (Use applesauce, flaxseed, or another egg replacement.)

The Decor (and More!)

Trader Joe’s is so much more than just a food store. Pick up a few decorations, like pumpkins and gourds

… as well as vegan household and personal-care items, too, like some Pumpkin Body Butter:


Enjoying a vegan holiday feast has never been easier, thanks to places like Trader Joe’s. If you’re more of a “make it from scratch” kind of host, check out the recipes below.

Recipe Roundup for a Vegan Thanksgiving

Give animals, planet Earth, and yourself something to be truly thankful for this holiday: Go vegan! Click on the link below for help getting started.

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