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Ever wonder what vegan food from around the world looks like? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most epic animal-free venues from Rome to Tokyo. From Ducks Eatery with watermelon ham in New York City to Speedos Cafe with the most delicious vegan pancakes in Australia, this list of wonderful food venues from around the globe will ignite your wanderlust—and hunger. Nowadays, most cities have their own culturally unique animal-free fare for you to munch on, but no matter where you are in the world, all vegan food has one major thing in common: It prevents millions of animals from experiencing nothing but pain and suffering on farms.

Here are PETA’s picks for the most epic vegan food spots from around the world:

Lettuce Feast, Los Angeles

This truck cooks up some of the most epic vegan fried chicken in the world. Lettuce Feast has so many mouthwatering options, including its tenders and the Nashville Sando, which boasts a crispy chick’n patty, slaw, and ranch on a butter bun.

Speedos Cafe, Bondi, Australia

This local favorite has some of the most extravagant vegan breakfast options we’ve ever seen. If you ever find yourself in Bondi, head over to Speedos Cafe and order the Caramelized Banana + Chia VEGAN Pancakes—you won’t be sorry!

Oowee Vegan, Bristol, England

Oowee Vegan serves what it calls “deliciously dirty vegan food.” This restaurant is a junk-food lovers’ paradise with options such as vegan milkshakes, burgers stacked with onion rings, and fries loaded with cheesy sauce and Buffalo shrimp.

Wired Bonbon, Tokyo

Looking for some adorably delicious vegan desserts in Tokyo? Then do we have the place for you. Wired Bonbon is a bakery and café with an entirely vegan menu featuring some Insta-worthy parfaits, crème brûlée, crêpes, soufflés, and more. One of its most popular sweets is an almond milk soft-serve sundae surrounded by a fluffy cloud of cotton candy.

Valeo Whole Foods Cafe, Durban, South Africa

Dessert for breakfast? Yes, please. Valeo Whole Foods is known for its epic refined sugar–free vegan cheesecakes and pancakes. This entirely plant-based restaurant also serves a delicious charcoal-bun burger, complete with a meaty soy-and-lentil patty, topped with vegan mayo.

Flower Burger, Rome

As if we needed another reason to go to Italy, this Italian chain is the home of the original rainbow vegan burger. Flower Burger uses natural dyes, such as charcoal, beet, and turmeric, to give its burger buns a pop of color. You can build your own rainbow burger and choose from a variety of homemade patties, including seitan and kidney beans or lentil and basmati rice.

La Reverde, Buenos Aires

This small restaurant in Buenos Aires is dishing out some vegan food that looks a little intimidating. Don’t be fooled, though: La Reverde’s dishes are completely vegan, and it’s the first restaurant in Argentina to serve authentic, local vegan cuisine. It offers staples such as choripán, which is a “sausage” sandwich, and lomito, which is a type of “meat” sandwich, both made of marinated seitan. It also offers vegan empanadas and more.

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Seitán Parrillero ahumado con guarnición a elección (Seitán de corte grueso y textura aireada) En @lareverdebsas con @dann.gauna , @claricasara , @victxria____ Creo que en la reseña anterior hablé de la experiencia en general y el plato en particular. Pero me faltó información. Por ejemplo, los aderezos y las guarniciones. Se fijaron que en ambas fotos son distintos? En uno es una ensalada mixta y en este son papas fritas. El aderezo anterior era chimichurri y aquí es mayonesa vegana con perejil. Y ambos estaban muy bien. Y a pesar de esto salimos, livianos y ligeros. Ahora, vayamos al plato. El seitán es de sabor ligero y al haber sido ahumado, agarra rápidamente el sabor a humo. Y se logra el sabor parrillero sin caer pesado. Además, tenés una textura ligeramente esponjosa, suave y de sabor ahumado. O sea, lo más interesante es recuperar lo tostado y lo ahumado sobre algo que se acerca a la carne sin serlo y sin que caiga pesado. #foodie #instafood #buenosaires #bacapitalgastronomica #vivabaires #food #foodstagram #foodlover #foodphotography #foodpassion #buenosaires #nicomidanicomedia #lareverde #seitan #govegan #veggie

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Ducks Eatery, New York City

The watermelon ham from Ducks Eatery is brined for four days and smoked for hours. The result? A delicious, smoky mix of rosemary and garlic. This innovative vegan entrée will have you doing a double take. Chef Will Horowitz, the mastermind behind it, describes it as being both sweet and savory.

Brammibal’s Donuts, Berlin

If you’re lucky enough to be in Berlin at the right time, you might be able to snag a vegan bacon burger from Brammibal’s Donuts. Why would a doughnut shop serve a burger? Well, because the buns are glazed doughnuts, of course! This special menu item is available only once in a while, so be on the lookout.

Mythology, Toronto

Mythology is whipping up some epic veganized versions of common brunch and dinner options. This innovative restaurant has some unexpected vegan offerings on the menu, such as animal-free eggs Benedict, which are made with a dairy-free hollandaise sauce and vegan egg yolk.

VG Pâtisserie, Paris

This pastry shop in the 11th arrondissement serves delicious treats that are completely free of any animal-derived ingredients, including classic Parisian pastries like croissants, tarts, cakes, and more. But the pièce de résistance is its vegan macaron tower.

Vegab, Kraków, Poland

No, that’s not what you think it is. Vegab is proving that you can make anything vegan with its plant-based shawarma. This tower of tofu and pea protein is marinated to perfection, sliced, and served as a vegan kebab, which you can customize with veggies and hot sauce.


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