Published by Zachary Toliver.

Kentucky Fried Cruelty … err, Chicken (KFC) has around 19,000 restaurants in nearly 120 countries, and somehow, out of all of them, only those in Vietnam have landed vegan chicken.

For a limited time, KFC Vietnam has placed two vegan options on its menu—a “chicken” burger and a rice bowl salad topped with shredded vegan chicken. The promotion started in early July and will continue through the end of the lunar calendar—which is recognized by the country’s prominent Buddhist population as a time to refrain from eating animal flesh or any animal secretions such as breast milk or eggs.

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This is great news for the broken, bloody, and bruised chickens who are often scalded to death before their body parts are sold by the bucket.  And it’s great news for the humans of Vietnam looking to save animals and improve their health.

But come on, KFC. Instead of cashing in on a religious practice, why not make permanent bank by offering vegan options everywhere year-round?

Vegan industries are booming as concerned citizens are quickly ditching animal parts. More than ever, humans are recognizing the similarities between themselves and the animals killed for their flesh, who, like any other person, value their relationships and yearn to live full, meaningful lives. And they deserve nothing less, not just part of the time but all the time.

Adding vegan chicken to its menu would entice more customers, especially younger people, to eat at KFC. In the U.S. alone, the number of vegans has increased by 600 percent in just three years. It’s no surprise that according to food and restaurant analysts, vegan living dominates food market trends.

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