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If you have a craving for a big, hot, melty, luscious pot of vegan cheese and a pile of yummy breads, apples, carrots, and other delights to smother in it, head to The Melting Pot. The fondue mecca is going vegan! 😍 To keep up with the burgeoning vegan population, many locations now offer vegan cheese and chocolate fondue to add to the vegan salad and entrée options for a full four-course animal-free culinary experience.

Posted by The Melting Pot on Friday, October 26, 2018

Start your evening with either the house, California, or Spinach and Mushroom salad (which can all easily be made vegan), drizzled with the Raspberry Black Walnut or warm Burgundy Shallot dressing. Some locations also offer specialty vegan salads, like one of our faves, the pretty Apple Spinach.

Then, get right into the good stuff: a warm, bubbly pot of dairy-free cheese fondue, made with Redbridge gluten-free beer, freshly chopped garlic, mustard powder, Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds, and fresh-cracked black pepper. It’s served with artisan breads, seasonal fruits, and veggies to plunge into it.

Posted by The Melting Pot on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

For the main event, The Mmmmelting Pot has long offered a vegetable broth and the Good Earth Vegetarian entrée. The selection varies by location, including tasty dip-ables such as edamame, artichoke hearts, vegetable polpettes, fresh asparagus, mushrooms, and ginger teriyaki tofu or Thai peanut tofu. Just substitute yummy vegan items for any nonvegan ones that may be included. For more of a kick, the teriyaki and plum ginger dipping sauces are favorites.

If you still have room (and there’s always room for chocolate), indulge in a luscious-smelling, swirly pot of fondue made with vegan dark chocolate from Enjoy Life with an array of fresh fruits that are ready to go for a swim.

Posted by The Melting Pot on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Each restaurant is locally owned and operated, so the menu and pricing vary slightly from one location to another. The first time you visit your spot, you may want to call ahead for a reservation and mention that you’ll be ordering the vegan options to make sure that they have them or will get them for you. Many restaurants are keeping vegan options at the ready to keep up with increasing demand, and some are even posting their all-vegan menus.

When vegan options are taking over at the premier cheese and chocolate fondue spot, you know animals are winning.

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