Published by PETA Staff.

There’s a new, healthy, sustainable vegan caviar on the market, and you need to know about it right now. Because Cavi-art is made from seaweed, no fish are cut up in order to create it.

As you add one of its delicious varieties to your dishes, you’ll see why it’s creating such a buzz.

Here are some additional facts about this delicious new product, which is available in black, orange, and a larger “salmon” style, and some ways to incorporate it into your favorite appetizers:

  • It can be used in both hot and cold dishes.
  • It has a long shelf life, up to three months after opening.
  • It won’t go rancid, because it doesn’t contain fish oil.
  • It doesn’t discolor other foods the way that gutted-fish caviar does.
  • Cavi-art is cholesterol-free, low-fat, low-salt, and contains healthy micronutrients and only natural colors and preservatives.

Cucumber or zucchini slices make a great bed for a dollop of vegan caviar.

Putting it on crackers is an easy way to be fancy.

Add it to homemade vegan crab cakes or Gardein’s Mini Crispy Crabless Cakes.

A baguette is the perfect bed for this sustainable product.

Add a spoonful to vegan sushi rolls.

A Word on Caviar

Red caviar is often taken from salmon or flounder, while the black variety is traditionally pulled from the bellies of sturgeon. No matter the color, no matter the fish: Caviar isn’t fancy. It’s a product of cruel and unsustainable practices.

Overfishing has prompted caviar producers around the world to switch to industrialized aquaculture farms. These facilities, which are often filthy, keep fish trapped inside enclosures where diseases run rampant and animals are forced to swim through their own waste.

Fish deserve to live as much as any land animal, including humans. Want to go vegan in the new year? We thought so! Order a free vegan starter kit now.

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