new vegan food products coming in 2024, including better sour gummies, seeductive foods marinated feta, deviled wundereggs, mellody honey, and outstanding stuffins

New Vegan Products We Can’t Wait to Try in 2024

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What are we looking forward to most in 2024? It has to be the chance to try all the new animal-friendly products that will be hitting store shelves. Companies are always experimenting with new ways to make flavorsome new vegan foods that are free of meat, eggs, dairy, and honey. These items will help spare the lives of countless cows, chickens, fish, bees, and other animals—all of whom deserve our respect.

Here are some of the new vegan food products we’re looking forward to trying in 2024.

Better Sour Gummies

For sweet and sour lovers, Better Sour’s better-for-you gummy candies are made without gelatin, which is made from the boiled bones, ligaments, and skin of cows, pigs, or fish.

Climax Foods Cheese

Everyone’s talking about Climax Foods’ vegan brie, feta, chèvre, and blue cheeses. That’s because the brand is using science to mimic animal-based ingredients like casein, which gives cheese its stretchiness. You can already find Climax Foods’ cheese at several restaurants—including three Michelin–star Atelier Crenn—but it will also be popping up at specialty retailers.

Mellody Vegan Honey

Instead of stealing honey from hardworking bees, we’ll be using Mellody Golden Clover vegan honey, which is as sweet and thick as the stuff that bees make.

Outstanding Stuffins

Crunchy snacks are always crowd-pleasing, and we can’t wait to bite into these Outstanding Stuffins, available in three flavors: Chedda, Nacho Cheese, and Pizza Partay. All of them are deliciously dairy-free—a choice that helps keep mother cows with their babies.

Seeductive Foods Cheese

These hemp- and pumpkin seed–based cheeses are packed with heart-healthy omega-3s and vegan protein and fermented with a blend of vegan lactic bacteria, which gives them a gut-healthy tang. We’re particularly excited to try the Marinated Feta.


Mushroom-based meats from Shroomeats are made with only six simple ingredients, are naturally low-fat, and contain no cholesterol.

S’NOODS Spicy Miso Ramen

This vegan, gluten-free, and flavor-packed snack is great for grabbing on the go and will satisfy your urge to eat instant ramen straight out of the pack.

Treehouse Naturals Pecanmilk

Oat milk won’t be going anywhere, but we’re always up for trying new nut milks. Atlanta-based brand Treehouse Naturals’ Pecanmilk is creamy, rich, and sold in a chocolate version, too.

WunderEggs Deviled and Patties

We already love WunderEggs’ Plant-Based Hard Boiled eggs. Now the brand is launching vegan egg white patties (which are perfect for breakfast sandwiches) and, for a limited time, Deviled WunderEggs.

Zeroe Vegan Caviar

In the caviar industry, workers often cut open female sturgeons and remove their eggs from their ovaries while they’re still alive. That’s the real cost of this “luxury” food. Knowing this, Zeroe makes vegan caviar from seaweed for a product that’s kind to animals and the oceans.

If you haven’t already made the switch, going vegan is the best New Year’s resolution you can make. You’ll spare countless animals, help combat the climate catastrophe, and improve your own health. Start strong with our three-week vegan challenge, and order a free vegan starter kit for more helpful tips:

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