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“Cucinova,” the name of a terrific pizza franchise, means “new kitchen.” What makes it new? Well, the restaurants are actually new—they’re part of one of Sbarro’s newest brands. But Cucinova also offers fresh, creative vegan pizza toppings: roasted carrots, roasted broccolini, grape tomatoes, caramelized onions, and walnuts, to name a few.

The most exciting offering, however, is a new vegan cheese that it’s testing at all six Ohio locations! If we rally and show our support, we could persuade its parent company, Sbarro, to add vegan cheese to all its locations.

Take a look at Cucinova’s many plant-based offerings:


The Neapolitan-style crust is vegan, as well as the gluten-free crust made from Smart Flour.

Vegan Pizza Sauces:

Classic red

Extra-virgin olive oil (Add red pepper flakes and basil for a fresh, healthy option.)

Roasted garlic purée


Artichoke hearts
Banana peppers
Black olives
Caramelized onions
Grape tomatoes
Green bell peppers
Red onions
Roasted beet
Roasted broccolini
Roasted carrots
Roasted mushrooms
Sun-dried tomatoes

All but two locations (Easton and Olentangy) serve pasta as well. Order grilled veggies for a hot topping option. For more pizza goodness, check out our full list of pizza restaurants across the U.S. that offer vegan options.

It seems as though the whole world is going nondairy! Just recently, Ben & Jerry’s gave us seven vegan ice cream flavors, Häagen-Dazs released four, and Breyers two. Trader Joe’s grocery stores began carrying Miyoko’s Kitchen’s vegan butter, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! introduced a spread called “It’s Vegan.”

It all checks out. The more that people learn about the cruel dairy industry and the terrible impact of the meat and dairy industries on the environment, the more they’re demanding plant-based foods.

Most cows raised for the dairy industry are intensively confined, leaving them unable to fulfill their most basic desires, such as nursing their calves, even for a single day. They’re treated like milk-producing machines and are genetically manipulated—and may be pumped full of antibiotics and hormones—in order to force them to produce more milk. While cows suffer on factory farms, humans who drink their milk increase their own chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other ailments.

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