16 Reasons We’re Really Excited for Mac & Cheese Day

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Pasta and melty, creamy cheesy goodness: No matter who you are, mac ‘n’ cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Get comfortable, because we’ve complied our favorite vegan macaroni and cheese dishes for National Mac & Cheese Day! Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy boxed mac, a DIY recipe, or a delectable entrée at your local vegan-friendly restaurant, there are so many versions of this cheesy pasta dish.

Sage’s Gluten-Free Spicy Avocado Mac and Cheese

Just the right amount of spice, avocado, and kale makes the perfect combination when added to Sage’s excellent melt-in-your-mouth gluten-free pasta and creamy cheese sauce.


by Chloe.’s Mac n’ Cheese

The world’s cutest chef has officially made the world’s cutest vegan mac and cheese. Topped with shiitake mushroom bacon, this sweet potato–cashew cheese sauce in an Instagram-worthy package will have you craving more.

Clara Cakes’ Mac and Cheese Waffle

A breakfast staple meets your favorite simple pasta—with ranch dressing. It may sound weird, but you’ll be asking for more.


SunCafe’s Mac & Cheese

Quinoa pasta with tomato and cashew sauce cooked in a cast-iron skillet—need we say more? The taste of tomato will remind you of childhood while offering grownup flavors.

Pizzanista!’s Vegan Mac and Cheese Pizza

Two of the world’s best foods combined into one dish: mac ‘n’ cheese and pizza. And if you’re wondering—yes, it tastes as good as you’re imagining.

Little Pine’s Mac and Cheese

All of Moby’s restaurant’s profits go to animal rights groups like PETA, and the food is 100 percent organic and delicious. This gluten-free, house-made dish topped with toasted breadcrumbs keeps it 💯.


Fortuitea Café & Bakery’s Mac & Cheese

If you’re looking for specialty mac and cheese, Fortuitea is your café. With options like buffalo chickpea, taco, and Greek gyro, “Mac & Cheese Monday” is about to become your favorite day.

Golden Road’s Pretzel Mac

This house-made saucy mac and cheese mixed with tomatoes and served in a chewy, salty soft pretzel makes the ultimate snack food to pair with your beer at this brewery.



Seed’s Mac n Cheese

Shells doused in a creamy sauce must be topped with Louisiana hot sauce when you’re in New Orleans. This side with paprika and bread crumbs is the perfect addition to any meal at Seed.

Oh She Glows’ Mac and Peas

Opt for a healthy version of the classic dish with this mac and peas recipe from Oh She Glows’ cookbook.

Of Roots and Blooms’ Mac

This Portland, Oregon, pop-up has invented so many types of melty mac that it’s hard to choose the tastiest one. Even the classic option will have you following its every move on Instagram until its next event.

The Veggie Grill’s Mac and Cheese  

Head to your local Veggie Grill for this classic “just like Mom makes” mac and cheese that’s simple, affordable, and topped with bread crumbs.


Vegan Yack Attack’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This one is truly cheesy and creamy. Just imagine yourself stirring kale, noodles, and sauce in a pot—and then eating it.

PETA’s Easiest Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese Ever

All you need are seven ingredients, an oven, a stove, and a blender to make this mouthwatering and super-simple mac ‘n’ cheese.

With all these options, leaving cow’s milk for calves is easy, fun, and tasty. Pledge to eat vegan food like the mac above for the next 30 days.

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