Updated September 25, 2018: The wait is over! At U.S. and European IKEA Bistro locations, shoppers can now order an all-vegan hot dog. According to reports, the new IKEA Veggie Dogs are packed full of ingredients like carrots, lentils, and kale—and they’re way better for the environment than traditional meat-based hot dogs.

Eating vegan is the best way to spare animals immense suffering. Next time you head to an IKEA, be sure to swing by the in-store Bistro to grab a Veggie Dog. These vegan hot dogs show that you don’t need cruelty or cholesterol to make a satisfying meal.

Originally posted on February 27, 2018:

Walking around IKEA, you can work up a serious appetite, but there’s good news in that “department.” The world’s most famous furniture chain is adding a vegan hot dog to its menu, and the item’s name matches the store’s minimalist designs: “The Veggie Dog.”

IKEA took its time testing and perfecting the recipe, and when it finally announced on Instagram that it would be introducing the vegan dog, fans of the idea nearly broke the internet with excited, positive comments.

More than ever before, restaurants are waking up to the reality that the future of food is vegan. IKEA’s first vegan offering was delicious veggie meatballs, while other restaurants—such as Bareburger, Johnny Rockets, Taco Bell, and White Castle—have added other meat- and dairy-free options to their menus.

The Veggie Dog is currently testing in Sweden and will be available in all European stores by August of 2018—and worldwide in 2019. While you’re waiting for your local IKEA to start serving up these dogs, here are some creative topping ideas for your homemade veggie dogs.

If you’ve ever read about the process of making hot dogs, you know that it’s similar to a horror movie. Clean by nature, pigs who are raised on farms are forced to live amid their own waste. Extreme crowding, poor ventilation, and filth lead to rampant disease. When piglets are born, they’re taken away from their mothers and denied everything that’s natural and important to them. After a short time, they’re shipped to slaughterhouses—often traveling hundreds of miles in extreme weather conditions.

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