Summer barbecues don’t have to mean burnt flesh on a grill. With all the vegan meat products hitting store shelves, it’s easy to substitute compassion when choosing what to bring to the table.

Try these creative vegan hot dog recipes on for size. We think your barbecue buddies will be impressed.

1. Smoky Barbecue Carrot Hot Dogs with Creamy Chickpea Salad

Doesn’t this look divine? The creamy chickpea salad adds a protein punch to this healthy-yet-scrumptious carrot dog.

2. Mac and Cheese Dog with Cranberry Ketchup

Two bloggers at Hot for Food competed in a “vegan hot dog challenge,” and this delicious mac and cheese dog took first prize.

3. Vegan Hot Dog with Crispy Onion Strings and Jalapeño Corn Relish

This puppy came in at a close second.

4. Tempeh Bacon and Quick-Pickled Beets, Mango Tomatillo Salsa, and Blackberry Barbecue Sauce and Rainbow Carrot Slaw

Sweet Potato Soul teamed up with Lightlife Smart Dogs to bring us these gorgeous dog ideas. You can just imagine the unique flavor combinations—it’s enough to make you run out and grab some ingredients right now.

5. Vegan Japanese Eggplant Dog

Since it’s topped with mustard, Vegenaise, Sriracha sauce, and white miso, you can’t lose with this creative, Japanese-inspired vegan dog.

6. Vegan Carrot Dogs Done Three Ways

The Classic is topped with spiralized pickles and onions. The Chipotle Cheese is smothered with avocado, fresh jalapeño peppers, and cashew cheese, and The Hawaiian features—what else?—diced pineapple.

Vegan Hot Dog

7. Quick, Classic Carrot Dog

Watch our quick video to learn how to make a delicious marinated and roasted carrot hot dog:

8. The Sonoran Dog

This recipe was inspired by a hot dog style originating in Sonora, Mexico, featuring green chili peppers, pinto beans, and jalapeño sauce.

9. Vegan Hot Dogs Done Four Ways

These hot dog recipes include a vegan Totcho Dog (topped with tater tots and nacho cheese), a Mac and Cheese Dog, a Tex-Mex Dog, and a French Onion Dog.

Here are some vegan hot dog brands available at your local grocery or health food store:

Field Roast Frankfurters

Lightlife Smart Dogs

Yves Tofu Dog

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