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The question “What the hell do you eat?” is asked of many vegans. But when people find out that you’re vegan and that you work for PETA, the frequency of the question can become a tad annoying. Some people seem to assume that working for an animal rights organization means we remove animal products and all flavor from our food and are left with little more than grass or iceberg lettuce to graze on.

This is exactly why I want to give everyone an inside look at what we enjoyed at our summer party last week. If not the picture, the menu should be convincing that vegan food is far from lacking. Here’s a rundown of the Caribbean-inspired meal:peta_food_1.jpg

Jerk “Chicken” With Mango Chutney

BBQ Salisbury “Steak”

Fried Plantains

Caribbean Coleslaw

Basmati Rice With Coconut Milk

Everyone raved that the Jerk “Chicken” was the best, but I preferred the BBQ “Steak” because of the tender texture and sweetness of the sauce. I was very disappointed to find out that the plantains had been 86’d before I made my way to the buffet, but I’m sure they, too, were delicious. The slaw was delicately dressed and acidic enough to cut through the heavier flavors on the rest of the plate. It was a delicious meal, perfect for a summer afternoon, and obviously a far cry from grass or iceberg lettuce.

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