Updated April 2018:

Ethan Brown—the founder and CEO of vegan company Beyond Meat—has big dreams for his products, and they appear to be coming true in rapid succession. His first goal was to have his revolutionary vegan Beyond Burger available in stores’ refrigerated meat sections (in order to appeal to meat-eaters, too). The first Whole Foods to carry it sold out of the product within an hour. Now, Beyond Meat has unveiled its new vegan Beyond Sausage.

The brats—whose soy- and gluten-free protein comes from peas, fava, and rice—are available in three varieties: Original Bratwurst, Sweet Italian, and Hot Italian.

There’s been quite a buzz because of Beyond Meat’s impressive list of investors—including Bill Gates, Twitter cofounders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, Tyson Foods, and former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson. Brown knows that the future of food is vegan, and Beyond Meat aims to disrupt the $48 trillion meat industry.

See how realistic these meat-free sausages look:

And see how juicy and delicious they look when grilled:

The Beyond Sausage is now available nationwide at Whole Foods grocery stores. It is also served at all locations of 100% vegan fast-casual phenom Veggie Grill, as well as select restaurants in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City (including at Yankee Stadium), and San Francisco, with locations expanding rapidly.

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