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You’ve heard of the butterfly effect, right? It’s the idea that small, seemingly insignificant events can have larger, unexpected consequences later on. This Thanksgiving, let’s change the name to “the turkey effect,” because every time that a fork touches turkey flesh, a chain reaction of larger, deadlier effects is set into motion. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the grave mistakes that people make when cooking turkey instead of compassionate vegan meals:

They contribute to mass slaughter.

Three hundred million turkeys are killed for their flesh every year.

White turkeys crowded into farm structure©

They support the killing of intelligent birds.

Turkeys are smart. The Atlantic article “Consider the Turkey” reports that researchers “have found that when an individual turkey is removed from his flock, even in domesticity, he’ll squawk in obvious protest until reunited with his posse.”

White turkeys with blue sky in background, one looking directly into camera©

They help to spread pandemic diseases.

The pathogenic avian influenza is often detected on farms. Experts are concerned that, over the years, bird flu strains have increased in number and that one deadly strain could even mutate into a pandemic form and be passed between humans.

They’re playing a role in the destruction of the environment.

Turkeys and other animals raised for food in the U.S. produce far more excrement than the entire U.S. human population, roughly 89,000 pounds per second, all without the benefit of waste-treatment systems. There are no meaningful federal guidelines to regulate how farms treat, store, and dispose of the trillions of pounds of concentrated animal excrement that they produce each year. Learn more regarding how farming damages the environment.


They choose cruelty instead of kindness.

There are tons of delicious vegan turkey roasts and other plant-based turkey products at your local supermarket, so it’s easier than ever to choose compassion every time that you pick up your fork.

They’re misinformed about turkeys.

For the record, turkeys don’t drown while looking at the sky when it rains. That’s just a myth. Make like Paul McCartney and celebrate life this holiday season! (Get your shirt here.)

Paul McCartney Holiday Season Turkey PSA

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