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Why vegan turkey? Well, on farms today, bright, sensitive turkeys are crammed into filthy sheds, packed together so tight that they can barely move. In slaughterhouses, their throats are slit while many are still conscious. These birds deserve your compassion. Instead of supporting the exploitation of turkeys, you can choose vegan turkey products that are delicious and kind.

Check out these fabulous vegan turkey products that your whole family will happily gobble up:

Turkey-Free Deli Slices

Vegan Turkey Burgers

Animal-Free Cutlets

Vegan Holiday Roasts

Check out our complete list of vegan roasts for all your holiday needs.

Vegan Ground Turkey

Choose Trader Joe’s Turkeyless Ground to add a savory flavor and texture to your favorite dishes, without harming any animals in the process.


There are many great plant-based recipes to try your hand at. We love this one for vegan deli slices.

Want more information about these fabulous, intelligent animals? Read our top 10 reasons not to eat turkeys.

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