Vegan Easter candy is some of the best candy around. The best part is that all your childhood favorites—including jelly beans, cream eggs, marshmallows, chocolate bunnies, and more—are already vegan or have been “veganized” by compassionate companies for your ethical Easter basket.

So before the Easter bunny gets hopped-up on sugar, be a sweet little birdy and whisper in his ear about our huge list of vegan Easter candy:

Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs

Vegan Specialty Chocolate Easter Eggs

Vegan Cream Eggs

Vegan Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Vegan Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Vegan Easter Jelly Beans and Jelly Eggs

Vegan Easter Gummies

Vegan Easter Baskets

Other Vegan Easter Candy

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Now that you’re an expert on vegan Easter candy, hop on over to the Action Center and find out how you can put your energy to good use and save animals!

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