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The lumbersexual trend has taken the Internet by storm. Some say it’s outdoorsy gone sexy. Others claim that it’s just lazy and a way to get out of shaving. Buzzfeed declares that it’s Ryan Gosling meets Ron Swanson. But no matter what the verdict is, it’s definitely the epitome of the tough guy. And the trend is here to stay—at least for a while—if lumbersexuals’ significant others have any say in the matter. Here are five things you need to claim lumbersexual status:

A love of the outdoors

Lumbersexuals must love to hike. Or climb big rocks. Or sit on stumps. Better yet, take an ax into the woods, chop up a fallen tree, and build a doghouse. Nothing’s ever been sexier.

A beard (and beard oil)

Beard Oil by Fanciful FoxGrow it out—the burlier the better. And skimp on the monthly haircut while you’re at it. But make sure you don’t skimp on the showers (you’re saving water by being vegan, after all).

To keep a beard in tip-top shape, the most experienced lumbersexuals use beard oil. It softens unruly hairs and moisturizes the face. Try a cruelty-free vegan brand such as Fanciful Fox.

Or make your own by mixing 1 tablespoonful of hempseed, avocado, grapeseed, or almond oil with 1 tablespoonful of jojoba oil and 1 tablespoonful of an extra-special carrier oil or rosehip-seed oil. Add a few sprinkles of nutmeg and clove and a drop of vanilla.


Any red-and-black button-up cotton flannel can take your beard from messy to dressy. This fabric really ups the ante on the lumberjack look. Just make sure it’s wool-free, like this warm 100 percent cotton pick.

A tattoo

A simple one will do. If you’re not the type to commit, a black temporary tattoo gets the job done. A bear or tree tat on the neck should suffice.

Check out these committed vegans who are showing their love for animals with permanent vegan-themed tattoos.

Vegan Tattoo

A flask full of whisky … or vegan cocoa

An insulated flask will finish off your outdoorsy look. Plus, lumbersexuals like to share booze or hot chocolate along with their warm flannel-filled hugs. Cozy up!

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