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It’s the year of the horse on the Chinese zodiac calendar, so buck up and stand up for horses this year. Horses are victims of several multibillion-dollar industries, including rodeos and horse racing. The following are some simple ways to let your voice be heard.

How to Help Victims of Horse Racing


How to Help Victims of Horse-Drawn Carriages


  • Inform people about why patronizing horse-drawn carriages is cruel, and encourage them never to ride in one.
  • Contact local city officials to pass a ban on horse-drawn carriages in your city or surrounding cities.

How to Help Horses Used by Other Industries (Rodeos, Petting Zoos, Film and TV)


  • Never attend a rodeo. Educate family and friends about the cruelty that takes place at these events, and encourage them to avoid them as well.
  • Protest rodeos in your town by leafleting or holding a demonstration. You can also write letters to local authorities.
  • Don’t attend petting zoos, and never take your children to them. Report any inadequate or inhumane conditions.
  • Don’t support or watch movies that use horses as actors, and write to directors urging them not to use horses in future productions.

Let’s give horses a reason to be thankful this year. After all, it’s their year! Help strengthen PETA’s groundbreaking work to save horses by making a special gift today.

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