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After Wednesday’s countdown of PETA’s top 12 recipes of 2012, we’re following up with the best Living articles of the past year. From boots to restaurants, check out what people wanted to know about vegan living.

12. Weight-Loss Success Stories!

A perfect one to lead off with in the New Year. Show this article to a friend who is making a weight-loss resolution!

11. Making the Vegan or Vegetarian Transition

This article assisted many people with making the switch to a compassionate lifestyle in 2012.

10. Chain Restaurants

Hey, vegans like to eat out, too! This handy resource offers a rundown of vegan-friendly options in chain restaurants nationwide.

9. Fashion Friday: Boots + Blazer

Our first “Fashion Friday” segment on the list covers a casual but classy ensemble.

8. Fashion Friday: 90s Grunge

Not so classy but definitely casual, this outfit will evoke nostalgia from any Gen X-ers you and your flannel might encounter.

7. Essential Fall Boots for Every Veganista

What can we say? People like boots. Our resident fashion experts show that boot lovers can have all the style and none of the cruelty.

6. Eating According to Your Zodiac Sign

Do not upset the cosmic balance on your next lunch break. Whether you have a fire, water, air, or earth sign, this article has a custom menu for you.

5. The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet

This nifty infographic is a must for any vegan baker. From eggs to buttermilk, it suggests a cruelty-free replacement for every baking need.

4. Fashion Friday: Back to Basics

The popularity of our final “Fashion Friday” segment on the list shows that in fashion simplicity is sometimes the key.

3. A Cup o’ Joe: DIY Facial Scrub

Wake up this morning with a very interesting DIY facial scrub that is easy to make and too fascinating not to try.

2. DIY Bronzer

Now that your face is clean from that facial scrub, why not follow up with a DIY animal-free bronzer?

1. 10 Reasons Why My Dog Is My Valentine

Our top article of 2012 showcases the greatest love of all.

What a year! Did your favorite make the list?

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