Published by PETA.

Still haven’t figured out what you want to be for Halloween? Want to show off that rockin’ vegan body? Dress up like an iconic PETA “Lettuce Lady”!  Our Lettuce Ladies can be spotted all over the country handing out vegan treats, pumping free gas, holding protest signs, and serving as some good-lookin’ eye candy.

This costume is sure to catch some attention and is the ultimate conversation starter to spark up an animal rights discussion.

DIY ‘Lettuce Lady’ Costume
A bra with a thin center in green or nude
Shorts-style underwear in green or nude
Fresh head of lettuce
Double-sided tape (up to one roll)
Purple cabbage (optional)
Large stapler

  • Put the bra and underwear on the pillow as if it were a doll.
  • Carefully arrange the lettuce leaves across the garments and secure each piece with double-sided tape. Reinforce each leaf by adding a few staples. Accent with the purple cabbage.
  • Once completed, remove from the pillow and get dressed.
  • Secure your top and bottoms to your skin with double-sided tape.

Tip: If you use real lettuce, you probably won’t be able to sit or walk long distances because the lettuce might come off, so plan accordingly!

Now you’ve got everything you need for your perfect lettuce bikini. Make our Lettuce Ladies proud and spread that animal rights message while you strut down the street in your stunning homemade costume! Have any other tips or ideas to help out your fellow Lettuce Ladies? Leave a comment below.

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